Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The difficulties one encounters while traveling by India Railways are summarized as flashed on the f.b on September 22,2010.

Bishwanath Singh : Are we not unhappy with ugly picture of our Indian Railway Administration that as passengers ,we experience every now and then?. Hardly, any one cares in Railway for comfort of Passengers traveling by train in maintaining time schedule of trains, over crowding, poorly manned Railway catering & cleanliness of Railway C...ompartments and Railway Platforms! How sad is that only Railway restaurant at Dehri-on-Sone Station in Rohtas District of Bihar is closed for number of years and none has taken pain to re-open it as a result passengers as whole suffer much. Is Railway not loosing revenue? Who is responsible for such financial losses! It 's only with Dehri-On-Sone but may be at other Railway Stations too. Is it because of wrong policy of our Railways? Hardly one gets cold drinking water free from contamination at Railway Platforms and unauthorized vendors and beggars are often seen creating nuisance at times to passengers traveling in the trains. All these woes of passengers are nothing new, everybody might have experienced but problems remain un-redressed as yet. It requires a very strong political will at the highest level manning the Railway Ministry and sincere efforts of Railway personnel. Over and above, security of Passengers is a must that Railway should take care of honestly. The public announcement system at Railway Platforms are hopelessly hopeless specially at small junctions where hardly the authorities concerned care to make proper & timely announcement about late arrival of trains and the enquiry system is hopelessly manned where hardly they care to give correct information to Passengers who are to travel by train. Let us hope that Railway authorities won’t be callous to over all interest of Passengers as whole because , no body knows tomorrow they may be also one amongst us to have this genuine feel.

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Bishwanath Singh: One can see this overcrowding in a train causing lot of hardship to Passengers as whole and feel our woes and share with my sentiments.

 Arvind Pandey: aap bilkul theek bol rahe hain sir
September 22,2010.

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