Thursday, September 23, 2010

A firm determination helps one to reach to perfection as flashed by me on the f.b. on September 23,2010.

Bishwanath Singh
It's firm determination that can lead one to a success irrespective of being him/her physically handicapped. The grooming of physically handicapped people should be top most priority of our life as how best we can help them. I am really mov...ed after watching this very meaningful video in which a young man without both his legs and hands (physically handicapped) doing wonderful feats worth watching and emulating in our life. In addition to it, I would like to share with my own reminisces with all my friends. While was at Ewing Christian College, Allahabad as a student ,I had come across a Professor whose one leg and one hand were imputed and later on, thrown in mortuary presuming that he was dead. Later on, he was picked up by a nurse who felt some life in him by some movement and got him examined by doctors of the hospital. Where ,he was brought again by that nurse in medical ward, where he was treated well & became alright. Later on, he did his P.G. in Mathematics and fared very well. A vacancy of a Mathematics teacher was notified, where he applied and when he came for interview, the selection board had ought right rejected him that how a physically handicapped person could teach Mathematics to students where he will be required to teach on blackboard in standing position all the times .Later on, he pleaded for honorary service for few months to evaluate quality of his teachings before the appointee could come to final decision of his own in his case.. Later on, the selection board melted on his plea and was taken on a teaching roll. Could one believe that later on in due coarse of time, he proved himself as one of the best teacher of Mathematics whom every body held him in great esteem. Later on, that nurse was so impressed by his wisdom and firm determination that she married him and they were blessed with couple of children. After that, they lived very happily till they left for heavenly abode. The said Professor was none else than Prof. Jacob Masih , a great mathematician of yester years. Let us pay our humble obeisance/s to their lotus feet!
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September 23,2010.

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