Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today is Hindi Diwas.Let us celebrate it!A comprehensive note could be seenn as flashed on the f.b of 14.9.2owo.

Bishwanath Singh :Today happens to be the Hindi Diwas (Day).Let us ponder over it very sincerely and celebrate it with gaiety!Let me put a very straight question to all those who are shedding crocodile tears for Hindi !Can they tell us as how many words are there in Hindi & English when they have almost equal numbers of both Hindi & En...glish speaking people in this universe? Hardly few could answer who have gone through the annual report of Global Language Monitoring In fact, we have one lakh twenty thousand Hindi words where English has ten lakh words. Truly speaking, we are synchronizing Hindi after independence. Before independence two organizations such as NagriK Pracharni Sabha & Hindi Sahitya Sammelan had done excellent jobs in propagating Hindi .Now almost those organizations are in decaying stage because of apathy of our Govts.. The great stalwarts like Madan Mohan Malviya, Mahatma Gandhi,P.D.Tondon,,Seth Govind Das,Premchand & many others who were very prominent persons had presided over Hindi Sahitaya Sammelan.Such personalities are rarely seen now presiding over any meeting connected with extension of Hindi. It is a fact that job guarantee is at the lowest ebb to carry our livelihoods & meet personal exoances to our Hindi writers & Poets or who nurse Hindi for his/her career. If we look back, we will find the reputed Poet of Gujrat Sri Namard had for first time placed his thoughts to make Hindi as our National language ,Kashi Nagric Pracharini Sabha was established in 1893, B.G.Tilak as Congress President had announced in 1918 that Hindi will be our National language. and the same year Mahatma Gandhi had established Hindi Prachar Sabha in South India,Hindi Typewriter came into being in 1930,C.Rajagopalachari as C.M.,Madras had ordered Hindi Education to be made compulsory in Madras State , the Constituent Assembly had passed resolution for Hindi to be made National language on 14.9.19499(that is why the 14th of September is celebrated as Hindi day in our country). It was accepted & enforced on 26.1.1950 as recorded in our constitution.. Our Govt. Education Department started Hindi training in 1952 nd made it optional and training of Hindi Typists and Hindi Stenos were made compulsory in 1960.After 1960, nothing tangible has been done by our Govt. to extend Hindi far & wide that is most unfortunate. A very strong political will is required to carry out Hindi well extended in our country & abroad. It is certainly not appropriate time for mere slogan raising rather opportune moment to revive our own Indian culture that have been very rich prevalent in the past by bringing mass awareness amongst people and educating them properly to carry out their works in Hindi by learning it properly. We should not forget that Hindi was derived from Sanskrit besides we have twenty second other languages guaranteed by our constitution and a part of them, we have several other local languages in which local people use in their conversation. It will be our prime concern to ensure that Hindi is not neglected at their cost. Those languages should also be nourished well. I had laid emphasis on cheap publications of Ved,Puran,Upnishad,Ramayan, ,Bhagwat Geeta ,Shrimad Bhagwatam and other holy books in Hindi so that every body can read them and emulate their teachings in their life. Let the Govt. think over it coolly and see that Hindi books & Hindi literatures are very well popularized and job guarantee be allowed to certain percentage by our both Union & State Govt. to Hindi writers & Hindi Poets as an incentive to popularize writing in Hindi.! It is the day to resolute to respect our national language whole heartedly. We are happy that the percentage of successful boys and girls who are using Hindi medium in their exams. of Civil Services conducted by UPSC have reached to twenty percent now where as it was seven percent in 2005 and the Interview Panel has started appreciating all those who have started answering their queries in Hindi Though English is well established as an international language that should also be taken care of so that our boys /girls may not feel any difficulty in pursuing their higher studies in abroad. Let us celebrate “Hindi Diwas” with gaiety with firm resolution to promote it and extend all through out the country besides amongst those living far and wide!
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Bishwanath Singh: Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad had served as the President of the Constituent Assembly with distinction that drafted the first constitution of the Republic, which lasted from 1948 to 1950. He also briefly served as a cabinet minister in the fi...rst Government. Dr. Prasad was considered to be one of the architects of the Indian Republic having drafted its first constitution and serving as the first president of India from January 26,1950 to May 13,1962.It was during his tenure as President of Constituent Assembly that drafted constitution, Hindi was decided to be our “Rashtra Bhasha”(National language).Let us cherish His memories as one of great statesman of India with full of passion, wisdom & Patriotism and join to pay our homage to Him & respectful obeisance to His lotus feet to seek His bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!

September 14,2010.

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