Saturday, September 11, 2010

A legend of God's disciple Bhakat Prahlad as flashed by me on the f.b of Sept. 12,2010.

Bishwanath Singh:
The God’s ardent disciple Prahlad has been a legendary name in every house hold in our country and even far & wide when the question of ideal relation in between taught and teacher and disciple & God comes for consideration. Lord Nrsimhadeva is worshipped as an incarnation of the Almighty God who came for rescue o...f his great disciple Prahalad and killed his demon father Hiranyakasipu when Prahalad was tied in a pillar and being tortured both physically and mentally by his father. It amply proves as how dearly God loves His disciples. Let us derive lesson from it and imbibe it in our life by devoting our time in service of mankind as whole One must bear in mind an old saying that service to mankind is service to God that hold good even today!
Bishwa Nath Singh: Let us have a look of Lord Narasimha killing Hiranyakashipu on his lap, as Prahlada watches at the left in this picture and pay our humble obeisance to Lord Narsimha and the God's greatest discile Bhakt Prahlad!

September 12,2010.

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