Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A homage to mother as flashed on the f.b. on September 8,2010.

A homage to mother by Bishwanath Singh. Can there be any replacement of mother in this universe who is so much caring to her children even in adverse situation? Certainly not! The mother is embodiment of love, affection and kindness-all jointly seen in her and that is the reason that she is regarded as living incarnation of Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Wea...lth & Goddess of Power- all visible in her from time to time. The mother is a true replica of omnipotent and imparts the same to her children so that they could rise on their own strength. All over the universe, the mother is widely adored by all and taken care of nicely by her grown-up children when she is very old & sick. Everywhere, the mother has an intermeshing image of a very pious woman. Even at sick bed, she always cares for welfare of her children more than herself-that is the greatest beauty of a mother. Right from the time that we came in her womb till we are alive, the mother always takes utmost care of all of us who are her children and equally she loves her grand children and great grand children very fondly Who can replace her? Certainly none-that will be our answer!. A mother is such a beautiful word that personifies of love, passion ,kindness & wisdom .She is the rarest of rare specimen whom all of us adore from core of our heart because of her loving nature.
Bishwanath Singh:
It is almost over a month ago that my loving mother had passed away leaving us to carry out her legacy of being polite and honest in our life.Let us join to pay our homage to her who is no more with us!
September 8,2010

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