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My comment is live on the World News Network on September 1, 2010 on the Subject: "Pakistan floods increase landmine risk"-The Daily Telegraph, Australia. as flashed on the f.b.

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Subject: "Pakistan floods increase landmine risk"-The Daily Telegraph, Australia.

Bishwa Nath Singh from Dalmianagar (Bihar),India.

The flood waters in Pakistan have dislodged and carried landmines to places previously deemed safe or de-mined that has increased the risks to the Pak. population as per warning of the International Red Cross (ICRC) that was issued lately. Since the beginning of the floods, three children, a woman and a man have been severely injured by landmines in disaster-hit regions, Luiza Khazhgerieva, an official from the International Committee of the Red Cross has said that Mines and unexploded Ordnance could have been easily moved by water from the original places that is what she had said. The ICRC has in recent weeks documented incidents of explosions in areas previously deemed to be free of landmines. In one instance, a woman's leg was blown off after she stepped on a mine while collecting firewood in places she used to frequent before the flood. In another incident, a refugee in Kashmir was hurt by a mine while cutting grass to feed his cattle. This incident occurred in the area which is far away from places where incidents have been reported in the past, said Khazhgerieva, who was unaware of the number of unexploded ordnance in Pakistan. .In addition, two anti-personnel mines and a grenade were found in the pools of stagnant water and defused by the bomb disposal squad in Dera Ismail Kahn, south of Peshawar, said the aid official. Big explosions have been seen by local people in moving flood water here and there that is what she had said, adding that this could be due to an explosive colliding with a hard surface. The aid agency has stepped up a campaign to remind the population of the dangers of landmines. There are fears at least twelve million people have been affected by the worst floods in Pakistan's history. About thirty thousand Pakistani soldiers have joined the operation to rescue thousands of flood victims in the country's north- west. More than thousand people have already died in flash floods and landslides. Let us hope that Pakistan Govt. will not leave any stone unturned when the question of saving human lives crop up due to ravages of flood!

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September 1, 2010 at 1: 40 AM (IST)

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