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And the joke backfired...By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi with my comments flahed on the f.b on October 24,2010.

And the joke backfired...By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi

.1 am.was studying for my PG degree in Mass Communication six years back and while I was on my way back home after a tranquil day, I recalled a joke that backfired day before yesterday night at me and kept me chuckling till I reached back home!
It was a peaceful day for me; I was sipping a cup of coffee in a small town near my village. When my editor called me saying I want you to write an article on split relationship in an hour’s time, running helter-skelter, trying to keep pace with the deadline pressures. I somehow managed to finish my hot cuppa of coffee and made an exit for home. My head was spinning and I wanted to be home as early as possible to write the article thus wanted a vent to my trapped headache. As they say music soothes all pains, I pulled out my headset, connected it to my mobile phone, plugged it in my ears and began my ‘soothing’ journey back home.
Home, sweet home was about half an hour away from the market , and the late-evening traffic always worsened it by adding another 10-15 minutes to it. It was 7:30 in the evening, and the roads were wedged with people wanting to be the first ones to reach their homes. The Local bazaar road was as usual, ‘lined up’ with vehicles, honking horns that pierced through my ears, and amber headlights coming from the opposite direction, that flashed straight into my eyes. The 40 feet wide road seemed like a hazy narrow lane. The heavy traffic crowded with modern machines, dirtied the air with an unbearable smoke that choked my lungs. To add to the misery, the ‘mistimed’ rain clogged water all around, creating muddy puddles on the road and my Hero Honda enjoyed splashing water on passers-by. Stationed for almost more than 10 minutes in the same place, I felt my homebound journey was never going to come to an end! I tried to overtake a Scooty. The girl ignored my advances so I kept beeping the horn for side so that I could rush back home.
My mobile played ‘Backstreet Boys’ Show me the meaning of being lonely... and how I wished for that loneliness! As I overtook the girl, I smiled at her as a gesture of appreciation, and she reciprocated with a frown! I somehow managed to escape and surged ahead tearing apart the lined vehicles, and to my dismay, found myself trapped at the signal that invariably turned red, as I neared. The headache was becoming awful, until these bikers came along. A young couple was on one bike that braked to my left. On the right side, another guy decelerated. He turned to me and smiled. I was in for a shock. I tried identifying his face with all of my acquaintances, but failed. If that was not all, he looked at me again and this time, he asked me, “Long time since I saw you, how are you doing?” I was trying hard to recognise the face, but he was a total stranger. He asked again, “Where are you going, home or somewhere else?” I ignored. When I turned my face in the other direction, the couple was trying to control their laughter.
“Was this some kind of joke?” I wondered. “Let’s go and have a cup of coffee… dude!” the stranger continued. Now that was enough nonsense I could take. Before he turned to ask me another question again, I thundered, “What’s your problem mister, I don’t even know you. Stop bothering me this way or you are in for trouble.” And as I could hear the trio laughing, I was transported six years back in time... Whenever my group of friends, during my Mass Com days would go for an assignment or for a conference, six-seven of us would surround a lonely biker and talk to each other from opposite ends, making the ‘prey’ feel like we are talking to him! In his confusion, he would either end up racking his grey cells or would speed away when he realised that he was the butt of the joke. And this is what was being repeated day before yesterday night, with me being at the receiving end! When the lights changed from red to green, the threesome slunk away laughing and discussing the way I reacted, and I couldn’t stop recalling the days when we made fun of others the same way.
And to my surprise, my headache had died down bringing a pleasant smile on my lips, thanks to the joke that backfired day before yesterday night! I emailed this article to my editor saying I will write on split relation on Sunday since I can not write some thing made-up and eventually Saturday evening I had a split with my girl friend so that I can write on the issue on Sunday .. Even some times God helps me giving the situations…

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Mini Saxena thts nice ......long article but worth reading....

 .Mangala Bhoir Nice article!

.Bishwanath Singh :
It's a very lovely & thoughtful presentation. It happens at times that one comes across funny people on the way whose utterances at times feel piercing to heart and the next moment very interesting and joyful. One has to accept both the sit...uations very gracefully without showing any commotion otherwise. It's true that some one plays an important role in one's life whose mere presence can thrill one. Let us be very cool when we pen down something on request caring that t should be very precise and true to the main issue! The life is a very complex one that one has to accept gracefully. One can’t be good writer unless he/she puts him/her in identical situation and pen down what comes from within one’s own heart. Thanks for sharing with a marvelous presentation!
October 24,2010

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