Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A write-up on "Stop abotion " as flashed by me through my comments that was published on the f.b on October 26,2010.

Ghulam Kundanam :
I agree with 'save all child who is ready to

born'. Abortion is totally wrong in all religions except some rear

case in which it is required to save the life of mother.

We have to stop abortion,

...We have to take emotion.

for child we have


Restraint is true 100 percent.

To provide child

every thing,

Must follow family planning.

The Higher

education for women will change the situation.


Citizen of

Azad Hind Desh (PK+IN+BD).
You and Anil Kumar like this.

Bishwanath Singh:
One can't stop it by mere shouting of slogans at pitch of her/his voice. Certainly, one has to go very deep in to its genesis and strive hard to find out their remedial measures. I had already vented my mind against killing of fetus in mothers’ womb on many occasions that it must be stopped once for all. If one analyzes in detail the reasons behind this social, moral and ethical menace ,they can be enlisted as followsa) Lack of moral & ethical education,(b) sexual allurement (c) Fashion,(d) arranged marriage(e) failure in love (f) Lack of health & sex education (g) Lack of co-education in institutions (h) Poverty and unemployment (i) Inciting features & shows shown on T,V. and sale of dirty books, magazines & pirate C.D showing sex and dirty pictures and (j)food habits and intoxication etc.. Well, unless we remove all these shortcomings, it can't be stopped once for all. Here lies your evolvement to bring mass awareness amongst masses by raising voice with all like minded people interested themselves to volunteer to open a tirade against this menace by raising their papules voice in our Assemblies & Parliament both to have suitable enactment and Governmental backing.
October 26,2010

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