Friday, October 15, 2010

The significance of Dussehra as envisaged by me that was flashed on the f.b. on October 15,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :
Dussehra day is considered a most auspicious day. It is a time-honoured belief that if any new venture is started on this day, it is bound to be successful. Hence, all the undertakings be it laying-in of foundation of a new building, opening of a new commercial establishment or even initiating a child into the world of... learning- are started on this day. Also on this day implements of agriculture, manufacturer's machines, the intellectuals pens, the household articles, the children's school books are placed before the idol of Durga and worshipped.

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Bishwanath Singh:
 Let us pay our humble obeisance's to Lord Ram & His great disciple Lord Hanuman and seek their bliss for wellbeing of all living-being of this universe!

-Vrunda Sakhi :
DUSSEHRA - THE VICTORY ON THE 10 VICES / RAVAN , BY VITRUE / RAMA , with the help of small day to day efforts / the monkeys...we celebrate with zest :)
Vijyadashmi ki badhaii in advance...
Bishwanath Singh :
The word ‘Dus’ means ‘ten’; it is the day of annihilation of ten evils. Ravana’s ten faces are the symbol of ten evil facets of human life. And the death of Ravana by Rama signifies the death of evil in the hand of virtue.Dussehra is the time for us to get victory over our evil sides and celebrate the goodness of human... life.Durga Maa divulged the secret to Rama on how he could slay the great Ravana.

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Vrunda Sakhi Jai Durga sukh karni , durgati door karni.

Bishwanath Singh:
Let us have glimpse of significance of Dussehra and its values in our life!The festival of Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is one of the fascinating festivals of India and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. According to the great Hindu scripture, the Ramayana, Lord Rama performed chandi-puja (holy prayer). This was carried out in order to invoke the blessings of Durga Maa for the killing of Ravana, the ten-headed demon king of Sri Lanka who had abducted Seeta, wife of Lord Rama.

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Bishwanath Singh :
The 'Ramlila'an enactment of the life of Lord Rama, is held during the nine days preceding Dussehra. On the tenth day (Dussehra or Vijay Dasami), larger than life effigies of Ravana, his son and brother - Meghnadh and Kumbhakarna are set to fire. as token of victory over evils.Let us join to convey our heartiest gre...etings on the eve of Dussehra to all our domestic friends & relatives and all those friends and our kith & kin living in abroad and wish them all success in their life!

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Bishwanath Singh The effigy of Demon King of Lanka Ravna is ready to set on fire in the evening of October 17,2010 on the eve of Dussehra .

Bishwanath Singh :
The holy epics-Puranas also opined that on the very day of Dussehra the Great Warrior Goddess Durga had defeated and killed the buffalo demon Mahishasura.It is also called “Vijayadashmi” as this day marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. VijayaDashami is considered to be an auspicious day for the Indian househo...lder, on which he worships, protects and preserves 'Shakti' (power). According to Scriptures, by worshipping the 'Shakti' on these nine-days the householders attain the threefold power i.e. physical, mental and spiritual, which helps him to progress in life without any difficulty.

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Bishwanath Singh "Let us pay our humble obeisance's to the lotus feet of Goddess Vindvashini Maa to seek Her bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!

October 15,2010.

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