Saturday, October 23, 2010

Children could be motivating factor for their Parents to give up smoking envisaged by me that was flashed on the f.b. on October 22,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :
It 's true that the children love their Parents immensely and that's true with their Parents too who love their children verty fondly. The children can prove as motivating factor to bring drastic change in behavioural attitude of their Parents who may give up bad habits like smoking,taking wines,gambling etc. and ...thus money saved could be utilized properly for upbringing and grooming their children very nicely.It is only with this reason that the child is called father of man.Let us resove to look after children very well!

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Bishwanath Singh: In this Picture,Jesus Christ is seen giving sermon on the mount to His followers that is still very valuable to all of us.

.Anu Shri ‎@bishwanath ji..very true...........shayad ab children hi sikha paye sahi rasta........!
October 22,2010.

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