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A homage to Mira Bai by me as flashed on the f.b. on October 30,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
Mira Bai was an ardent disciple of Lord Keshav and as much as she considered herself to be in constant companion with Him as if she is legally wedded spouse of Him for whole of her life in service of the Almighty God Lord Keshav who is our savior and strength though not legally and logically married with each other. ...She was so much grossly engaged in Sri Krishna's Bhakti that she could not think of any thing else other than her immense love for Lord Keshav and her dutifulness towards Him .One has to learn lesson from her life! Unless one surrenders fully at the lotus feet of Lord Keshav,he/she can't have the bliss of Lord Keshav though He is full of kindness & righteousness. Let us have glimpse on Mira Bai in right-up appended below!:

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

Mira Bai was a princess in the real sense. She lost her mother in her childhood. She was born in Rajasthan to a Rajput noble family, and was married in about 1516 to the heir-apparent of the ruler of Mewar at the age of about thirteen. Mir...a became queen of Rajasthan who was known more for to her devotion than her political position. Her husband died before he could attain the throne, and he left no heir. She was born around 1500 and was married at the age of 13. In 1527, the Rajputs opposed a Muslim invasion from Afghanistan. Mirabai's father was killed in battle; her father-in-law was wounded in the same battle and died the next year. Mewar got a new child-ruler, who with his mother, made life at the court difficult for Mirabai. She was an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna. She is worthy of being ranked with the mystic; poets. The mystics give no importance to their personal lives. They see only God in everything and forget themselves. . But whatever happened, the same words lived in her heart and on her lips: 'Giridhar is the Lord and Mira in His servant.'. She is worthy of being ranked with the mystic; poets. The mystics give no importance to their personal lives. They see only God in everything and forget themselves. Mira had mentioned in some of her songs that she was from Medatha and belonged to the family of Doodaji. She has also described in her songs how she suffered at the hands of the Rana. From an early age she showed more interest in religious devotions than to her worldly responsibilities. It is said that she neglected her marital responsibilities. When queried about it, she said that it was impossible for her to be married to the king when she was already married to Lord Krishna.A major change in her life occurred at the time of the death of her husband. It was customary in those days for a wife to commit Sati. Sati is the self immolation upon the husband's funeral pyre that was prevalent that time. She refused to comply, whereupon her in-laws began harassing her. She then left the palace and began wandering throughout Rajasthan, preaching and gaining followers. Mira is known for the many Bhajans that she left behind. Tradition says that Mira Bai left the court in her 30s and became a wandering mendicant, and that she was rejected by traditional gurus because she was a woman. Her poems show her a devotee of Vishnu in his incarnation as Krishna (whom she calls Giridhara or Girdhar --- literally, "lifter of mountains").Modern scholars accept over two hundred devotional Poems (Bhajans) as hers, but more than one thousand three hundred have been attributed. She may have written in Gujarati, but her poems were almost immediately translated into Hindi and other languages, and sung at first over the north, later in the south. She has remained immensely popular throughout India, and many English translations of her poems have been made. These Bhajans are in praise of lord Krishna and held in great esteem for their high literary value. She is believed to have died around 1550. Let us join to pay our respectful homage to Mira Bai and offer our obeisance’s to her lotus feet! Such ardent disciple of the Almighty God is rarely born on this worldly earth who sacrificed her entire life in service of Him.

 Bishwa Nath Singh :

One's love & devotion towards the Almighty God should be like Mira Bai if he/she is keen to have godly bliss in his/her life.

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
Let us pay our humble obeisances to the lotus feet of Mira Bai and rejoice her devotional song that liked by me very much as it amply proves as how dearly she loved Lord Krishna! ... “Sree Giridhar aage nachungi

nach nach piva rasik rizhavu,

premi jan ko jac...hungi!

prem, preeti ke bandh ghungharu,

surath ki kachani kachungi II

Lok laj kul ki marjada,

ya me ek na rakhungi!

Piya ke palanga ja powdungi II

Mira Hari rang rachungi “

The meaning there by:"I shall dance before Giridhar Gopal, I shall dance till he is supremely delighted. I honor even those who love him. I shall tie round my ankles the tinkling bells of love and compassion, and wear the dress of His remembrance, and dance. I do not care for honor or the good name of the family which people consider important. I go and lie in the bed of my lover, Hari, and enjoy the bliss of His love."Sri Krishna alone is my lover. I have gone mad with grief." "I will have no peace of mind unless Sri Krishna comes to me." "Mira is the bond slave to Sri Krishna."
October 30,2010.

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