Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bihar Tourism welcomes tourists as envisaged and flashed by me on the f.b on October 21,2010.

Baban PandeyIn this note:Bishwanath Singh

बिहार की सैर को आइए ना

यह रचना जून २०१० की है ...नए मित्रों से अनुरोध है की ...इस रचना को पढ़े ...और कमेन्ट ...ब्लॉग पर ही लिखने की कृपा करे
Comments :
Bishwanath Singh:
It's a very good presentation with meaningful thoughts. If I am not mistaken. Bihar Tourism manned by the Tourism Department of State Govt. of Bihar by having its tourist centers at many places is always in readiness to welcome all those who visit Bihar- a place of Lord Buddha where he was enlightened at Bodhgaya ,Lord Mahavir Trithankar was born, the first Parliament ever held for the firs time in the world that was at Vaishali, hot springs of Rajgir, ruind of Ancient University of the world situated at Nalanda , the famous Vishnu Pad temple in Gaya where dead ancestors get their salvation, ruined of Patliputra, the birth place of the Tenth Guru of Sikhism at Harmandir Saheb located in Patna City ,Shershah Suri tomb at Sasaram and many other sites of tourist interest. It’s good if tourist in large number drawn from far & wide visit Bihar and see many things of their interest from tourism point of view and exchange their views with the people of Bihar having a rich culture.
October 21,2010.

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