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Jesus Christ's ten commandement as flashed by me on the f.b on October 31,2010

Bishwa Nath Singh :
When Jesus Christ was asked before He was crucified by His ardent followers as what to be done to inherit eternal life? "His reply was to follow ten Commandments that He had given as sermon on the mount and that will keep one in His remembrances all the times. The Christians have great faith & believe in those Ten Comm...andments. What are they? Let us have a glimpse on those Ten Commandments and follow them in our life very truthfully to make our life blissful.

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Bishwa Nath Singh

The Ten Commandments that were given as Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ are as follows:

Sl.No.- The Commandment ----- -The Call - -Action -

1 - I am the LORD

your God,

... you shall have no other

gods before me. -Faith (Trust in God) - All faith in God, freedom from

lesser gods:

wealth, sex, power, popularity.

2- You shall not take

the Name of the


your God in vain. -Respect

Holiness - Respect for God

and the things

of God: prayer, worship, religion.

3- Keep holy the

Sabbath day. -Renewal - Not just the

Sabbath rest, but setting aside time for prayer, good recreation, quiet reflection.

4- Honor your father

and your mother. -Family - Loving care and respect for all

family members,

elders and younger siblings, too.

Respect for elders in general.

5- You shall not kill. -Respect For

Life - Courtesy to all, speaking

respectfully to all, seeking the best

for all. Respecting others' freedom

while still

defending all

human life.

6 - You shall not

commit adultery. -Chastity


(Fidelity) - Faithful actions beyond just

abstaining from sexual contact outside of marriage. Respect for sex and marriage.

7- You shall not

Steal. -Justice

(Honesty) - Concern for the

rights of others, especially when

they get in the

Way of what

we desire. A

commitment to fairness and a willingness to

suffer loss rather

Than depriving another.

8- You shall not

bear false

witness. -Truth - A dedication to

what is real

and true, even

if that reality

is against our


9 - You shall not

covet your


Wife. -Purity- A desire to want

only what God wills.

A single-hearted devotion to God's


10- You shall not

covet your


goods. -Generosity - A cooperation in God's own

generosity that

sees all goods as belonging to God

and freely given

for the good of all

When Jesus Christ was asked by His followers as what is the greatest commandment? His reply was very spontaneous with two: those is love God and love your neighbor. One can safely vouch that he/she notices the first three commandments as directed toward the first of these to love of God and the last seven as relating to the second: love of neighbor. One must bear in mind that the Christian is one who follows Christ and one can not follow the Christ unless he/she adopts and practices those ten commandments in his/her life. Let us bow our head and pay our respectful obeisance to the lotus feet of Jesus Christ who live & died for welfare of all human –beings of the universe that is why He is adored widely by over billions of His followers!


October 31,2010.

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