Sunday, October 17, 2010

A write-up on corruption & its remedial measures as flashed on the f.b on October 16,2010.

Bishwanath Singh
:The news of corruption prevailing in most of the Public offices are often heard.Have we ever thought of as how to ovecome this menace from Public life?Let us examine it critically and see my write-up below for your kind information!

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Bishwanath Singh :
One must be very clear in his/her mind that both bribe taker and bribe giver are equally bad in laws and responsible for act of criminalities. The offenders have got to be identified and taken to the task for stringent punishment. In olden ...days, great importance were valued for inspections at every stage by senior officials and first thing those inspecting officials use to demand while inspecting the office the last inspection note and its compliance report. In fact, this used to be the very base and basis of further inspection and main criteria for evaluating the performance of the official concerned. On adverse inspection note, the default officials used to be severally punished too. Certain night halts were must for all the officials to spend night interacting with people at large by making night halt at places eight kilometers away from their headquarter. All those good values have become matter of past that must be revived very truthfully & pursued vigorously besides putting a brake on contract system for implementing on all on going schemes. It’s true that one is required to pay price for everything in this complex world even for truth at times but none can help it unless we remain vigil to be honest. One must be honest and truthful in his/her life. The transfer system of all personnel ranging right from clerks to the officials must be vigorously pursued by devising a uniform pattern for every one those who are Public Servants and it should be rational for all. Though, the issue raised by Pandey Ji is a very complex one that requires very cool thinking as how to overcome the said menace .Nothing is possible unless the Govt. concerned is serious towards tackling this serious issue by exhorting all to remain honest in their work and vigorously pursuing to refrain away from these evils and also launching tirade against corruption and nepotism in all their offices against corrupt personnel who are in habit of sitting over files for months and months together..
October 16,2010.

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