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Unscathed by theft-By- Kamlesh Bahukhandi along with my comment as flashed on the f.b .on Oct.27,2010

Unscathed by theft-By- Kamlesh Bahukhandi

.by Kamalesh Bahukhandi on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks Mr Thief!!!The thief chose our home for removing whatever valuables we had, and the series of unexpected things began. He entered the home, skillfully stole the things he wanted, without touching other items as if to tell us that those things we kept at home were unimportant.Police persons entered home later to inspect the things and asked us not to worry as they were with us. In the same breath, they increased our worries by informing us that five more thefts had happened in the same area. They were patrolling the area during the period, precisely when the thief struck our house, was another valuable piece of information they gave us. However, the news of other burglaries gave us moral support that ki chalo bhai we alone were not the sufferers. From the heart, we also shared their sorrow.
Then, came the carpenter, asking a lot of questions, showing sympathy, while earning his money for repairing the broken latch. Quotation is in pipeline for next security arrangements, which the same man is going to do for us. The following day, unexpectedly, I got a call from a sales person oh sorry now they are called Business Executives —who had read the news about burglary at our home— and asked us to install security alarm bell as if he was threatening us to be aware for the next time. We could not blame, it’s his business. Even though we decide to install those things, we only know how much we have already lost and how much we are going to lose, and how? Oh dear thief (your non-stop thoughts made you dear), please help if you are having plenty of (stolen) valuables, give us something.
Any way, nobody can stop the things which are already destined to happen. Once something has happened, everybody can stop discussing the things. But it is against the habit. It is already destined that nobody will let you forget the things. Except our well wishers, we had to answer the questions (almost all were the same) posed by others. One different question was “Did you keep your mom’s jewelry protected ,I hadn’t seen her wearing for many years...." poor lady" died with the dream of gifting her jewelry to her "Bahu" .She use to tell us, she has kept her jewelry for her "Bahu" ,she was to give your wife her necklace in your marriage?” Answer was “Yes”. The other person... “But why didn’t you get married till she was alive? Why don’t you give your J"anampatri" to Pandit ji he can find a girl for you.. A very strange question was " Ladki" to hai…" Meri Mushi ki Nanad ki ladki ki Ladki" , but they are looking for a Government servant ,any ways.. what you do .. I said 'I am a writer', quick was the respond ...Beta!! I didn’t ask your hobby, I am asking what you do to earn money?.
Oh my God! I was already in a tense situation and I had to give all those answers. Later, it made me laugh and somehow helped to release the tension. Thanks to this quizzing. Whenever I think on how to prevent this, one thought come to my mind at the same time that I will paste a notice that “Dear thief, please do not steal here. You have already stolen whatever we had. Now, please leave us”, and I start laughing. At last, unexpectedly, I started thinking on how much I had, how much I had lost and how much I should have, which I never thought and included that in my future plans. Almost two months later, burglary at my home is still a fresh topic.
Whenever known people come to meet my father or during my morning walk, they show sympathy saying that it was a very sad incident. When I ask what you are talking about, they remind me about the burglary which took place two months back at our home. Except the thief, we got introduced to a lot of people, including policemen who never turned up later, the carpenter who loosened my money-purse to fix the channel gate, my neighbors who kept noticing the strangers but never suspected them, laborers working in our farms and the families from neighboring villages (if there was no burglary). And finally, I would not have tried my hand on computer to punch this article. Thanks, Mr Thief, for making me write this article.
 Comments of Bishwanath Singh :

Well, I am glad that Kamlesh Ji has tried his best to project a true picture as what happens after theft incidence committed in one’s house .It's irony of fate that at one hand when one is a great sufferer as he had lost everything is being... subjected to many shyly and annoying questions raised from time to time by both Investigating Agency and visitors and that continues for months and months together. It adds further miseries to the sufferer. Any one calling him/her whether relation, friends and neighbors go on adding further miseries by their unwanted suggestion as how best ,he/she could strengthen security of his/her house in future least caring as from where the money will come to them Every now and then ,Police Personnel from local Police Station keep on visiting and continue giving assurance to recover entire lost properties soon and expect when gong back some thing to grease their palm The chances of recovery of lost properties remains remote because of callous attitude of local Police Personnel otherwise had they remained alert, such incidence of theft could not have occurred when Police Patrolling Party was already on its job.


October 27,2010.

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