Monday, October 18, 2010

The concept of happiness as fashed by me on the f.b on October 19,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :
One often refers to happiness.Let us go into deep to find out as what happiness means to us in right perspective! Happiness is stated to be a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. A variety of, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. There is now extensive research suggesting that religious people are happier and less stressed. It is not clear, however, whether this is because of the social contact and support that result from religious activities, the greater likelihood of behaviors related to good health ,indirect forms of psychological and social activity such as optimism and volunteering, psychological factors such as "reason for being," learned coping strategies that enhance one's ability to deal with stress, or some combination of these and/or other factors .Happiness forms a central theme of Buddhist teachings. For ultimate freedom from suffering, the Noble Eightfold Path leads its practitioner to Nirvana, a state of everlasting peace. Ultimate happiness is only achieved by overcoming craving in all forms. More mundane forms of happiness, such as acquiring wealth and maintaining good friendships, are also recognized as worthy goals for lay people .Buddhism also encourages the generation of loving kindness and compassion, the desire for the happiness and welfare of all beings. Happiness is characteristic of a good life, that is, a life in which a person fulfills human nature in an excellent way. People have a set of purposes which are typically human: these belong to our nature. The happy person is virtuous, meaning they have outstanding abilities and emotional tendencies which allow him or her to fulfill our common human ends. For Aristotle, then, happiness is "the virtuous activity of the soul in accordance with reason": happiness is the practice of virtue. Mahatma Gandhi had said that happiness is drawn from one’s within and for that he/she has to strive hard to accomplish his/her goal with malice to none.

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Bishwanath Singh:
One can see happiness on the face of a Pet while licking face of her master who is in his sound sleep. It’s a lovely example of happiness that one can infer.
October 29,2010.

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