Saturday, October 23, 2010

A note on Sharad Purnima as flashed on the f.b. on October 22,2010.

RemoveBishwanath Singh It's a very timely message to all of us when we can enjoy moonlit night by sitting in garden and spending night in remembrance of our creator for His goodness showered on us and place well cooked cow's milk , rice , dry fruits and sugar as pudding during the night in open terrace or garden as token of our offer t...o moon who has all throughout been very kind on all of us by showering Her unflinching love on all of us and the next day, we acknowledge that pudding as our “Praadam” –blessings from moon that we gladly distribute amongst people at large and later on, acknowledge ourselves very gracefully. Let me thank Aravind Ji for such a beautiful descriptive message that will be cherished by all of us for long.!

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कल शरद पूर्णिमा :

महारास का चन्द्र आज नभ में प्रफुल्ल दिखता है.

अपनी किरणों से '' श्री राधा '' बार बा...र लिखता है.

सजा रहे नक्षत्र सभी देवो के सुन्दर आसन.

वृन्दावन में कल राधा-माधव का होगा दर्शन.

By:Aravind Pandey : परावाणी : शाश्वत कविता :The Eternal Poetry

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Bishwanath Singh Let us enjoy moonlit night.

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