Monday, October 25, 2010

The importance of girl child as envisaged and flashed on the f.b. on October 25,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :
Those who are averse to the birth of girl children are having a very wrong notion that the old parents could be looked after well by their sons only but what is seen today is just reverse. The daughters are more caring to their Parents rather than their brothers. It is a very touching note. The mother’s love is bigger than sky deeper than ocean and greater than the Almighty God. Her tale is much better than the best novel of the earth. Her lap is much more comfortable than the cushion bed. Her picture is more beautiful than very fascinating scenery of the world. Her blessings are more powerful than the thousands of seas and mountains. Her shade is much cooler than the shed of beautiful tress. Her light is brighter than the Sun. Her role is greater over fifty percent more than that of father. Her place is much more sacred than any shrine of the universe and overall, her care is much higher than the heavenly bliss and that is the reason as why daughters are very close to their mothers and confide everything in them.

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Bishwanath Singh ‎:
Let the inhabitants of whole world should understand that abortion and killing of fetus of unborn child whether boy or girl are not only immoral, unethical, unhygienic but unreligious too!. One must refrain from it. One will recollect I had already expressed my anguish on killing of fetus of girl child on the face book earlier as it is against all norms of civilized societies of the world and against our religious and ethical values. The question is as who are responsible for such nefarious activities-Road way side Romeos or Roadway side Juliet or both or r lack of sex-education Certainly, such people who are carrying such nefarious activities must be identified and brought to books under law of land instead of shedding crocodile tears. Abortion has been banned but still it going on as hide and sick game for minting money by a large number of medical practitioners- such medical practitioners who are carrying out unethical activities also must be identified and brought to books under law of land. Simply by shedding crocodile tears from our eyes, we are not going to contain such derailment of our moral & ethical values rather we have to strive hard to bring mass awareness to help such victims in identifying such hardened criminals who carry out such unethical and immoral activities. Rape is one of the greatest menace worst than killing of a woman. Such rapists must be identified and brought to books under law of land and must be severally punished. The road way side jolliest also require to be well-identified and brought to books so that they can 't incite men of dubious character for sexual intercourse for worldly pleasures .Sex education and ethics must be incorporated in syllabi of our academic life right from the primary education to higher courses. The parents must avoid themselves fully to watch blue films and encourage their children to see only good films and serials that enhance moral & ethical values in them. One should not forget that girl when grows up becomes one’s mother who is the holiest on this earth. We must look ladies as our mentor and adore her with pride as they are our holiest and most loving mother, sisters, aunties, and friends and spouse too-each relationship having their own meaning. I would also like to caution ladies too with humble request to avoid fashion as far as practicable rather they should devote most of their time in grooming their children and in carrying out social & ethical activities to enrich these values in the so called modern societies. What amazed me at times, when I see round ladies not in well-dress! Exposure of body is a very ill practice and that must be avoided .It’s high time to act than to shed crocodile tears and stop carrying such nefarious activities of killing female fetus in the mother’s womb.Let us join to salute our mother,sister & all female relations who were amongst those who are aored by us!

Deveika Menon Yes :its true.. Its sad that in our country there is still a desire for a male child.. and all for the wrong unjustifiable reasons.. Sadly the orphanages here are flooded with girls and the female foeticide is still rampant.. I truly wish pe...ople would wake up from this prepostorous illusion that boys are better than girls. Without making it an issue of prejudice or polarising it.. i would say I have seen girls very capable of taking care of their parents.. almost as good if not better than the sons.. Their are financially sound, independent and intelligence is being tapped to the maximum as they are no longer confined to the walls of the home. But at the same time I wish to say that when parents bring in a child into this world with the very purpose of wanting someone to take care of them or whom to be dependend on thats a very selfish beginning.. you are bringing in a child into this world and not an investment policy..So all one needs to pray for is a healthy child who will be brought up under great love and care and in whom one can instil great values..The rest is left to God.. Que Sera sera.....
Bishwanathji.. you have eulogised the mother and daughter very well...

October 25,2010.

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