Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A note "Through the eyes of kids" by Kamlesh Ji followed by my comments as flashed on the f.b. on October 19,2010.

Through the eyes of kids -By-Kamlesh Bahukhandiby Kamalesh Bahukhandi on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 5:54pm

Day before I met a five and half-year kid of my friend at my village I was exchanging niceties with his mother. He was very restless. He wanted to tell me something but our conversation prevented him from doing so. Suddenly he spoke in between and said, “My Papa is a hero.” I was amused. I asked him, “What did your father do?” “He repaired my laptop,” was the answer. I looked enquiringly at his mother. She told me, “He has a toy laptop. It was broken. His father repaired it. So for him his father is a hero. As it is, he is his father’s boy. Both of them play together for hours and are not tired of each other’s company. Moreover, for him his Papa can do no wrong.”This sentence made me wonder, is it not the same with all of us? When we were kids, for us our parents were the ultimate authority on everything! One of my friends once asked his daughter to write down everything that she likes or dislikes. What his daughter wrote brought a sea change in my friend’s life. While writing down things like, I like chocolate, I like ice cream or I don’t like Chintu because he pulls my hair, the kid had suddenly written down that I like my dad, he is God because he gives me everything I ask for but I do not like it when he comes home from a party in a drunken state and smokes cigarettes because it makes my mother cry. My friend has not touched a drop of alcohol and left smoking since that day and is trying his best to live up to the image of a God that his kid is imagining him to be.
Really kids can do wonders sometimes. Kids in their purity and innocence touch your heart and sometimes shake you to the core when they point out some fault in your behavior. Our neighbour’s son embarrassed her to no extent when he said that when he grows up he is not going to get married. We asked him why this decision and that too at this age? He replied that if he gets married his wife will send away his parents to old age home. He will not like to stay away from them and will not like to suffer the same agony that his father and grand parents are going through. I don’t know whether it was an eye-opener for my neighbour or not but it showed me the real nature of my neighbor who had always said that going to old age home was the decision of her in-laws as they didn’t want to lose their freedom.My mother a 'social worker' and a 'teacher' always said that there is no problem with child but problem is with parents. If something is wrong in your relationship with your children, or if some behavior of your child is not to your liking, then some serious introspection is in order to find out the exact problem area and you may be surprised to find that while you are pointing an accusing finger at your child, other four fingers are pointing at you. The world that is revealed through the eyes of the children tells us the true story because they have not yet learnt the art of deception. The environment acts on them and they learn the ways of life. But till then it is always God’s voice that you hear from the children because no medium is purer than the uncorrupt mind of kids.

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Bishwanath Singh :
It 's true that intense love that children have for their Parents can bring lot of changes in their behavioural attitude and at times,they mave give up bad habits, if any for saving hard-earned money for upbringing and grooming their children very nicely.It is only with his reason that the child is called father of man.It'a a lovely presentation worth reading times and again.Thanks Kamlesh Ji for sharing this lovely note with me that I can only attribute due to your nicety & benovelence.
Anupama Pathak: nice note on the godliness and innocence of child....

really they are capable of transforming things unbelievably
October 19,2010.

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