Friday, November 26, 2010

.Bird within -By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi along with my comment as flashed on the f.b. on Nov.26,2010

.Bird within -By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi

.by Kamalesh Bahukhandi on Friday, November 26, 2010:

Dear God , look God ! Where have I landed !! India ’ is the greenest country of the world ,they brag .But not an iota of that boast is correct! God , I miss you a lot and want to meet you as soon as possible .I tried to fly but couldn’t for the entire sky is filled with smoke! I feel very queasy and suffocated.Many of my friends have lost their precious lives while the injured ones are still recuperating ! God ,the dangerous time of the year has come .Humans call it Diwali ,a festival of lights .But in my view ,festivals never intend to hurt any living beings .instead ,they stand with a bursting radiance of love and purity .So ,I am sure that humans are responsible for this disaster .There is pollution everywhere and leaves are covered with dust ! I was taught that sky is beautiful and blue ,but here it seemed the opposite .I tried to close my eyes tight and sleep but couldn’t do so due to the extremely uproarious atmosphere. The thought of safety made me very anxious .The country of so many God and Goddess has become ,’The country of Trash .’ What! Life without oxygen !It’s nightmare for me “said a small boy standing below my nest .”I wish people plant more trees and create awareness regarding pollution.”I heard the other one saying .But a jiffy later ,both of them made plan to go to their friend’s place and burst crackers !!!Baffled at this irony ,I scowled at them .But neither of them noticed it.My scowl went unnoticed .My eyes then darted towards a small boy who was refusing to light a ‘phuljadi’.”It would create pollution .” he explained to his dad,who in turn laughed off his innocent yet sensible statement.“your one phuljadi’s boycott won’t do any thing good to our environment blah blah…..his dad went on preaching .We were taught since childhood that “Unity is strength” Then why it is forgotten by humans, the most intelligent species ,that if many people together, take up cudgels to fight pollution ,they can easily succeed .I searched for that father son duo but they have already left. I ,began searching but again my screech went unheeded.God ,why do people forget that a man’s small step is mankind’s giant leap ???? I wanted to remonstrate and hence, went on screeching but my voice was lost somewhere amidst the clamour . I was crestfallen .I looked up and I could hear our Mother earth shrieking and writhing in pain .People loved the sky’s view while I kept thinking about the melancholy of earth. .That night was high on pollution .I have heard about programmes being organized to chalk out a plan to eradicate global warming. Saying was very easy but, putting these chalked out plans into action seemed very difficult for these” educated beings .” People preach to shun “ crackers but at the end their preaching remains a mere preaching ! Nature is wonderful gift given to us by you .So why these humans have to destroy it? Tell me why God ,why these humans have to be sooooooooooo cruel???? Just because we can’t speak? Why do they trouble us ?What harm has nature done to them? Tell me what good it is??God the worst thing is that I can’t do anything but watch us suffer …I am helpless …Love you a lot Chirpy….Blast…. Soon after , a cracker had burst and chirpy fell off the tree and died! Again he and his letter laid somewhere unnoticed .If some one out of you my good friends spotted him ,all he could do is pity.. pity Chirpy ,the bir

( Photo of a dead bird)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
It's a very touching & meaningful presentation. There was a time many years ago when people used to go for hunting of birds as sports that were finding their habitats close to lake or river but now killing of birds and their hunting are fully banned and completely prohibited. Let us hope that century of birds could be very well preserved.



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