Friday, November 19, 2010

A glimpse as how to accelerate the progress of "Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood

Bishwa Nath Singh:
Firstly, I wish sincerely that all those friends of mine who have not joined the very social & voluntary movement of ‘Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood” till day, should join it gracefully and keeps this movement rolling in right direction and then certainly, we can have a group to pursue & monitor. Once after you j...oin and accomplish your task, you will be also supposed to impress on to your friends who are on net working to take up the task with great sincerity till the chain continues ensuring that it's not broken. Thus, you become leader of your own group like wise others too. It's completely social & voluntary movement. Your active participation highly solicited!


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Bishwa Nath Singh:
It is right time to act.

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November 20,2010.

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