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The Masks-By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi along with my comments flashed on the f.b. on Nov.28,2010

The Masks-By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi

.by Kamalesh Bahukhandi on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 3:15pm.

Ek Chehre pe kai chehre Laga lete hain log (People put many masks on their real faces! ) This old Hindi number was emitting out of the tuner of my car .Beautiful song, melodious and meaningful .But the meaning is sarcastic and actually an accusation that people try to hide their real self behind a mask achieve ulterior motives .In fact when we talk about mask it does not mean face alone .It is personality which changes including mental and physical attitude and behavior.
In general conversation a change in person’s behavior and attitude is referred to in bad light.”Girgit ki tarah rang badlana ‘ or Mukhote chadhana etc are few quotes to refer to such a change. But is it really true? Are these changes really bad always and malafide? Don’t we change masks every now and then? Masks are both good and bad .Let me prove my point .One behaves differently as a father or son ,as a spouse, sibling and as a master or servant .There can be umpteen such examples in context of social relations for any given situation or circumstances for that matter .
In these changing situations there is instant change in one’s mental attitude .The body language also changes completely .For example a man can not behave with same mentally and body language with mother ,wife and sister ! In fact he can not behave with the same person in same manner on all occasions .Many times professionals are blamed for being emotionless ,heartless cut and dry etc.. But some times its our professional mask!. People forget that writing by and large is an art and needs to be practiced every day .And a writer as people expect suppose to be very emotional but then who will be professional?
Believe me writers are more emotional as compared to anybody else .They are normal human beings with extra healthy emotional quotient as compare to other professionals like doctors , lawyers . and engineers For a doctor when his or her patient is serious ,not responding to treatment or before going to operation theater for a difficult uncommon operation , when the entire family of the patient is very emotional in this situation doctor have to be emotionless otherwise how he/she will perform his/her duties or task of operation ?.It’s another thing and I believe that a doctor also prays to God to save the life of his /her patient ,he/she also cries in isolation when he /she fails to save somebody from the Jews of death. Thus a doctor is not expected to be emotional every time .But as far as a writer is concerned he is emotional all the times,as job of writing is not possible without emotions and depicts just opposite where people hide their emotions behind their seriousness .
I am sure it is same with lawyers ,police men and other professionals ,also who are depicted as ruthless sometimes .Agreed that there can always be a few lack these colours of emotion ,but they are in same percentage . What I believe is there is no problem if people’s behavior change it really bad if one changes his/her basic human qualities ,like honesty ,commitment ,trust ,worthiness and so on and so fourth ..Well then there are people who lack these qualities .they are untrustworthy ,cunning and have bad intentions .They will try to hide their real self, and wear a mask ! Obviously these are bad masks as compared to earlier good ones.
In society many people have rigid ‘frames’ in their minds ,for different professionals like Writers ,doctors ,teachers ,priest and policemen .If a professional does not fit in the frame ,they express dismay .I have found many people getting uncomfortable when they find that a strict and serious professional writer like me can be light hearted ,fun loving and jovial in parties. They feel uncomfortable because the frame they had of mine as a serious writer is broken !!!Allow me to quote few lines on this “ Jhoonthi tohamaten teri ki mai har pal badal jata ,Hun aina me to tere chehre badalte hain
(Your accusations are false that I keep changing every moment .I am just a mirror but you keep changing your masks)


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Bishwa Nath Singh Truth always prevails no matter how one tries to conceal it.It is a very good write-up with full of emotions.Thanks Kamlesh Ji for sharing it with us.



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