Saturday, November 20, 2010

Need to improve basic foundation as highlighted & flashed by me on the f.b on November 20,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:
 One will bear me out that unless very basic foundation is strong ,how could one imagine that the stuff coming out of those weak foundations will fare well in higher education. Further, I would like to add that reservation policy being formulated every now & then by the Govt. is also one of the reason of their downfall.... How could you expect good stuff to come out when their teachers are themselves very poor in their knowledge. Hardly they could write a resume covering a full page in any of the language without committing many serious mistakes !If we are really serious on this count, we will have to unite to open a tirade forcing the Govt. by launching a movement to undo the reservation policies so far implemented and come out with a new one solely based on of economic condition of people and that too limited to a certain percentage for a limited period and for their wards separate good institution could be provided by the impart them good education with all modern amenities by giving them books free of cost and arranging tutorials with good residential hostels facilities for them and bringing them in main stream of society where they can also face completion after certain years as same as others

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
Mahatma Gandhi was seen conferring with his Secrtary Mahadeo Desai on future of India as he was always thinking as how to improve lot of his country men & women all the times least caring for his own comforts.

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