Thursday, November 25, 2010

A review on the Book "What is India" authored by Salil Grewali as flashed on the f.b. on Nov.25,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
I had an unique privilege to go through the wonderful book "What is India authored by a foreigner settled down in Shillong for last many years who is known for his wisdom Salil Grewali who had taken enormous pain in collecting views of renowned Intellectuals drawn from all fields of imminence from all over the world ...and compiled them beautifully in the said book that is worth reading and commending. It is true that India is very rich in its heritage and called an epitome of the entire universe where everything could be seen like mountains, rivers, beautiful sceneries, greeneries, wild life, fruit bearing trees, flowering plants and what not, everything is there either in one part of the country or other. Our country is the most ancient one very rich in its history. The Vedas & Upanishad teach us the way of life and as how to attain salvation. They are treasure of knowledge that could be transformed in Passion & Wisdom. We had many renowned sagas in the past who devoted their entire life in search of the Almighty God. Salil Gewali is also one amongst them who had remained busy in his searches and researches in quest of God and this book is a gift of his deep thinking and extensive researches that he had carried out for over ten years wandering from one place to another on hilly tracks. The book is a wonderful compilation work as how renowned Intellectuals of the universe think about India after many years of hard work carried out by the most learned author Salil Gewali Let me hasten to congratulate him and urge all my friends & well-wishers to have a copy of this book in their personal library so that they could derive themselves as how best ‘What is India” has been very meaningfully defined by the world Intellectual giants.

( Photo of Cover Page of the book "What is India" authored by  Salil  Gewali)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
It's a unique book of its kind worth reading times and again.One can find out from the Intellectual giants of the world the best reply as what is India.I would urge you to have this uique book from Academic Publications from Shillong.If you so wish,you may contact its author on his email address;

Salil Gewali  :
Dear Bishwa Nathji, thank you so much for your hearty appreciation of my work. Your words of comments have encouraged me to work further for the country of spiritualism and eternal wisdom.



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