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‎'Abhijnana Shakuntala' (the recognition of Shakuntala) was one of the greatest play written by Kalidas as flashed on the f.b. on April 28,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

‎'Abhijnana Shakuntala' (the recognition of Shakuntala) was one of the greatest play written by Kalidas, a great Sanskrit Scholar in Sanskrit who still continues to be very popular all over the country as it speaks about the birth of Bharat on whose name the country was named Bharat Desam.


( Painting of Shakuntala while writting letters to  King Dushyant)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

In the said painting, Shakuntala was shown writting letters to King Dushyanta when he did not turn up to her for many years.The story of his encounter, marriage, separation and reuniting with his queen, Shakuntala, has been immortalized The Recognition of Sakuntala by the great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. Shakuntala was the daughter of the sage Vishwamitra and the apsara Menaka. Abandoned at birth by her parents, Shakuntala was reared in the secluded, sylvan hermitage of the sage Kanva, and grew up a comely but innocent maiden.While Kanva and the other elders of the hermitage are away on a pilgrimage, Dushyanta, king of Hastinapura, came hunting in the forest and chances upon the hermitage. He is captivated by Shakuntala, courts her in royal style, and marries her. He then has to leave to take care of affairs in the capital. Dushyanta presented Shakuntala a royal ring as a sign of their love, promising her that he would return to her soon. But when Dushyanta became king, he got absorbed for many years in affairs of managing his kingdom. Shakuntala had no other option than to wait for him desperately. One day, a sage anger-prone Durvasa visited the hermitage, but Shakuntala, who was too absorbed in her love for Dushyanta, forgot to serve him food. In a fit of anger, the sage had cursed her, saying that the person whom she has been thinking about will forget her that shocked Shakuntala who begged with tears in her eyes with folded hands for forgiveness to Saga. The sage, after getting cool and calm, assured her that the person will remember her again when she shows some proof of their acquaintance. So, Shakuntala sets off to the capital to remind Dushyanta of their past love. What’s a great tragedy in her life that an accident occurred by which a fish consumed the royal ring, leaving Shakuntala with no formidable proof. She later travels to meet him, and has to cross a river. The ring is lost when it slips off her hand when she dips her hand in the water playfully. On arrival the king refuses to acknowledge her. Shakuntala was abandoned by her companions, who returned to the hermitage. Fortunately, later on, the ring was discovered by a fisherman in the belly of a fish who brought that ring to King Dushayanta seeing his name engraved on that ring. Dushyanta realized his blunder but that was too late. While recollecting his fondest love for Shakuntala, King Dushyanta married her who became his queen and mother of his son, Bharata. By another account, it was told that Bharata was born while Shakuntala awaited Dushyanta at her hermitage on the name of their son Bharat the country was named as Bharat Desham.
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Vandana Kumar Seth:
One of the finest Creativity of Kalidas is Abhijnana Shakuntala...i have read the translated version and was capitvated by the sheer beauty of words and plot .

Anil Kumar :
I loved it
April 28,2011

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