Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let us now as who was maid of honor following Kate Middleton while going to the church on April 29,2011 as flashed on the f.b. on April 30,2011..

.Bishwa Nath Singh

Can one rcognize as who was maid of honor arrived at Westminster Abbey-church of London on April 29,2011 following the bride Kate Middleton?


(Photo of  Pippa Middleton could be seen following his sister Kate going to the church on April 29,2011)

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Manjula Rishi Pippa -Kate's sister.......

Bishwa Nath Singh :

She was none else than younger sister of Kate Middleton named .Pippa Middleton a twenty seven year-old event planner whose cream cowl neck dress was also an Alexander McQueen creation, is a regularly seen on the posh London party scene wh...o has a reputation as being the really fun one, slightly louder and more outgoing than Kate Middleton, spouse of Britain Prince William.Let us join to wish her all the best in her life too!


April 30,2011

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