Friday, April 22, 2011

Friendshp vs Love as envisaged and flashed in the f.b. on April 19,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

There seems to be always confusion in the friendship and love as if they are one though they are different to each other. It is often said that the friendship is a warm smile in the winter whereas the love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through one’s heart.


(Phot of a friend looking old with young one-both of opposite sex)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

We may call all those people our friends whom (a)We care and are ready to help us during times of distress (b)With whom we share most of our thoughts and (c)We can always count upon our during an emergency .Friendship and love are not quit...e the same thing, although there's a lot of love around friendship. One is always certain that his/her friend will understand why he/she acted in a certain way that need not explain anything to his/her very good friends. The friendship is so deep and the relationship is so intimate, that most of the things are automatically understood by them who are friends. The primary aspect in love, which makes it stand apart from friendship, is that the two individuals share a certain intimacy, which is greater than friendship. The very primary element in love is the physical element. Friendship has its boundaries defined and no matter how close one is with his/her friend, it is devoid of physical intimacy. The individuals look at an emotional quotient, which also involves their sexual attachment with each other. This is a vital difference between friendship and love. In love, individuals generally have only one partner as against friendship where one may have numerous people whom you could call friends/ good friends but there exists only one person with whom he/she in love It is believed that the loving relationship makes one so much attached to the other, that one gets pained if his/her beloved is hurt! .Friendship may last for a life time as does love and relationship but then the time spent by the individuals with each other is high in love / relationship as compared to friendship Life without love is like a year without spring. One could say that love is friendship plus physical closeness. It is very rightly said that the friendship occupies one’s mind whereas love occupies his/her soul. The friendship is knowing that one will always try to be there, when in need whereas the love is when one will give up everything to be at their side.Hope,the difference between friendship and love is clear now to those who were confused.


Joanne Abu Qartoumy :
lovely and beautifully said my dear****************

Poonam Matia :
well said ,sir.frndship is an ever available resource to be utilized with zest and enthu ......but with care ......not to over do it .....let it work as a catalyst .............

.Gurinder Gill :
Three things of life that are most valuable -Love, self-confidence & friends. .....Good Morning friends n wish u all a blessed day ahead.....:)

Vandana Kumar Seth:
The aspect of it may change, but the essence remains the same.


April 19,2011

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