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Lord Hanuman is omnipresent as flashed on the f.b. on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti on April 18,2011

.Bishwa Nath Singh

Lord Hanuman gives darshan (divine blessings) to millions of people, through small murtis (statues) in temples or as towering monuments. Thousands of people daily remember him by singing the Hanuman Chalisa written by Sri Goswamji Tulsidasji. By his example, Hanuman reminds us to be fearless and selfless in our devotion and service to God ad mankind as the annihilator of evil-mindedness, pride and unwanted thoughts, Hanuman is silently ever present, with hands joined over his head, pouring out tears of joy.


(Photo of Lord Hanuman in a Hanuman Mandir)

Bishwa Nath Singh:

Lord Hanuman was the son of Anjani and Maruti, born with the blessings of 'Vayu', the wind god (Pavan). He is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva . Lord Hanuman was the only learned scholar who knew the nine Vyakaranas.... He learned the shastras from Suryadev, the sun god. He is well versed with the Vedas and other sacred books From his birth onwards, he exhibited extraordinary physical strength and worked many miracles. There are various instances in the scriptures about his childhood. Once as a child, looking at the sun Anjaneya thought it was a fruit. He flew up to eat it, and swallowed the sun. The universe plunged into darkness. Angered by his action, Lord Indra attacked Anjaneya with his 'Vajrayudha' . Anjaneya was hurt on his chin (known as 'Hanu' in sanskrit). This is how he got the name Hanuman, which is his most commonly used name. Seeing his son hurt, the wind god Pavan was very upset and threatened to withdraw 'Pranvayu' oxygen) from the Universe. Terrified by this threat the gods came to appease 'Vayu'. They each conferred a boon upon the little Hanuman. He was blessed with courage, superhuman strength and valour.Lord Hanuman is the symbol of Devotion and Service to Lord Ram Hanuman the demon King Ravna of Lanka The worship of Lord Ram is complete only with the worship of Hanuman. He was the chief of the armies of Lord Ramachandra and took a prominent part in the war against Ravana, the king of Lanka, in Ramayana. Hanuman helped restore Sita Devi back to Sri Rama. He had carried Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman on his shoulder to Sugreeva, the king of all Vanars (monkeys) in Kishkindha and helped them to find Sita. Prior to the war between Sri Rama and Ravana, Anjaneya visited Lanka, met Ravana, created havoc and burnt down the city of Lanka (Lanka Dahan).During the war, when Lord Lakshman was injured seriously, Sushena, the surgeon/physician of the monkey army, dispatched Marutinandan to bring herbal medicine, Sanjeevini, from the far-off Sumeru Mountain in the Himalayas, before sunrise. Hanuman was blessed by Sri Rama with immortality (chiranjeevi) at the end of the war. With the blessing of Lord Rama Hanumanji was a chiranjeevi (immortal). In Mahabharat. period when the Pandavas were in the forest, Darupadi requested Bhima for the Saugandika flower of heavenly fragrance. On this way to get this flower, Bhima encountered a monkey lying in the middle of his path. Angered by this delay in his mission, Bhima crossly asked the 'ape' to clear the path and let him pass. The monkey slowly looked at Bhima, and requested him "I am very old and can't even move, just push my tail to one side and you move on ahead" Bhima was full of contempt for the monkey, but tried to push the tail away with his mace (Gadha) but, he could not get the tail to shift. It was then that Bhima realized that this was no ordinary monkey and with folded hands begged his pardon. On another occasion, when Arjun met Hanumanji, he said "Rama need not have asked the monkeys to build a bridge to Lanka. If it were me, I would simply have made a bridge with my arrows" Hanumanji replied that a bridge of Arjun's arrows would not be strong enough to carry his weight let alone the whole Vanar army. This developed into a challenge. It was decided that if Lord Hanuman managed to walk across the bridge then Arjun would have to jump into the fire, and if Arjun won then Hanuman would have to bless Arjun during the war with the Kauravs by adorning his flag. Arjun built a bridge with his arrows, but it broke into pieces as Hanuman step one foot on it than. Arjun got ready to jump in to the fire. At that very minute, Lord Krishna appeared and asked for the bridge to be re-built. When it was done, he touched it with his divine hands as if to test it, and then asked Hanumanji to step onto it. This time around, even when Hanumanji danced heavily on the bridge, it did not break. Hanuman kept his promise and entered Arjun's banner. When Lakshmana is severely wounded by Indrajit during the war against Ravana, Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjivani, a powerful life-restoring herb from the Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas to revive him. Ravana realises that if Lakshmana dies, a distraught Rama would probably give up, and so has his uncle Kalnaimi tempt Hanuman away with luxury. However, Hanuman is tipped off by a crocodile (actually a celestial being under a curse) and kills the Rakshasa. When he is unable to find the specific herb before nightfall, Hanuman again displays his might by lifting the entire Dronagiri mountain and bringing it to the battlefield in Lanka, thus helping others find the herb to revive Lakshmana. An emotional Rama hugs Hanuman, declaring him as dear to him as his own beloved brother Bharat. After victory Lord Rama return to Ayodhya and decides to ceremoniously reward all his well-wishers. Seeing Hanuman come up to him, an emotionally overwhelmed Rama embraces him warmly, declaring that he could never adequately honour or repay Hanuman for the help and services he received from him. Sita, however, insists that Hanuman deserved honour more than anyone else, and asks him to seek a gift. Upon Hanuman's request, Sita gives him a necklace of precious stones adorning her neck. When he receives it, Hanuman immediately takes it apart, and peers into each stone. Taken aback, many of those present demand to know why he was destroying the precious gift. Hanuman answers that he was looking into the stones to make sure that Rama and Sita are in them, because if they are not, the necklace is of no value to him. At this, a few mock Hanuman, saying his reverence and love for Rama and Sita could not possibly be as deep as he was portraying. In response, Hanuman tears his chest open, and everyone is stunned to see Lord Ram and Goddess Sita literally in his heart. Let us pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet and seek His bliss for well-being of all living –being of this universe!


Anil Kumar :
Jai BajrangwaLi.... Kripa Karo

Gyan Rajhans :
Manojavam maaruta tulya vegam jitendriyam budhhimataam varishtam
vaataatmajam vaanara yuuthamukhyam shrii raamduutam shirasaa namaami

I salute Hanumaan, who travels as fast as the mind and the wind, who has mastered his sense organs, who is the best among the intelligent, who is the son of the wind God, who is the commander-in-chief of the army of vaanaras, and who is the messenger of Sri Ram.


April 18,2011

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