Monday, April 18, 2011

Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated on April 18,2011 as flashed on the fb. on April 19,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as birthday of Lord Hanuman allover world. As per Hindu Alamance ,it is observed on the Chaitra Purnima. Tonight,we celebrate Hanuman Jayanti being the Chaiti Purnima during this calendar year. In 2011, the date of Hanuman Jayanthi has been on April 18,2011. Lord Hanuman is also known as Bajrang Bali, Anjaneya, Maruti, Pavanputra and Mahavira. He is one of the most popular Gods in Hinduism. He is one blessed with immortality by Goddess Sita, spouse of Lord Ram .


(Photo of Lord Hanuman offering his prayers to Lord Ram and his spouse Goddess Sita)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and unparalleled devotion and selfless service. He is the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. He is a Brahmachari (celibate) and humility is his hallmark. He served Lord Ram with pure love and great devotion, with...out expecting any fruit in return. He lived to serve Lord Ram. He is the living embodiment of Ram-Nam. He was an ideal selfless worker, a true Karma Yogi who worked desirelessly and dynamically. He was a great devotee and an exceptional Brahmachari or celibate. He is widely known and adored due to being humble, brave and wise. He possessed all the divine virtues. He did what others could not do-crossing the ocean simply by uttering Ram-Nam, burning the city of Lanka, and bringing the Sanjeevini herb( life saving herb) and restoring Lord Lakshman- the younger brother of Lord Ram to life again. He brought Lord Ram and hisbrother Lord Lakshmana from the nether world after killing Ahiravana. On the eve of Hanuman Jayanti devotees apply Sindoor (Vermillion) to the idol of Hanuman. There is very popular legend behind this. Once Goddess Sita was applying Sindoor ( Vermillion) on her forehead and Hanuman enquired about its significance. On this Goddess Sita had replied that this ensured long life for her husband Lord Ram. Hanuman on hearing this applied Sindoor ( Vermillion) all over his body praying for the immortality of his Lord Ram. He came before Lord Ram When asked Hanuman replied, “It is only to please you my Lord.” Lord Ram was very pleased to hear it from him and since then, he blessed all and by seeing his devotion, he declared that whoever applies Sindoor ( Vermilion)on the body of Hanuman will get my loving devotion and he will pleased with that devotee.On the eve of Hanuman Jayanti ,Lord Hanuman is worshiped and offered Sindoor ( Vermillion) and Pan ( Beatle). People visit the Hanuman temple and apply the sindoor taken from the idol of Hanuman on their forehead. It is supposed to bring good luck to them. The religious food offering- known as Prasadam is distributed among the people. His Pooja is performed with great devotion and Abhisheka (religious offering consisting of coconut and flowers) is done. Devotees read the Hanuman Chalisa an” Prasadam”.Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet and seek His bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!

April 19,2011.

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