Friday, April 22, 2011

My comment on an awesome Poem composed by Poonam Matia as flashed on the f.b. on April 21,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Thanks for sharing with such a lovely Poem that clearly proves your great humility towards children belonging to downtrodden. It’s an excellent thought. You have tried your best to put your vision as how best that way laid children could be uplifted so that they could live in the honored society by raising their heads high.


poonam matia

ADHURE SAPNE ................अधूरे सपने .........

सुबह भी दिखी थी एक उजाले की किर...ण

दौडी थी पकड़ने हाथ भी बढ़ाया

इस छोटे से हाथ की पकड़ में सिर्फ

भाई-बहन का टूटा खिलौना ही आ पाया

छोटी थी मेरी उंगलियां , पर

उनमे भी बस थमा चिमटा-बेलन ही पाया

कुछ फटे पन्ने और टूटी कलम

जो संभाल कर रखे थे चादर के नीचे

बस उन्हें ही उलट-पलट कर दिल को बहलाया ......

subah bhi dikhi thee ek ujaale ki kiran

daudi thee pakadne haath bhi badhaaya

is chhote se haath ki pakad mei sirf

bhai-bahno ka toota khilona hi aa paaya

chhoti thee meri ungliyaan ,par

unme bhi bas thama chimta -belan paaya

kuchh fate panne aur tooti kalam

jo sambhaal kar rakhi thee chadar ke neeche

bas unhe hi ulat-palat kar chit ko bahlaaya .................poonam


Naseer Azam Khan.:
i ....although eng roman mei likha hai .fir bhi aap ke kahne par maine poem ko translate karne kii koshish ki hai rhyming is lost .but i hope u and my other frnds could now well under stand the theme of the poem ...........

  Poonam Mata::
this means that
a poor small girl runs to catch the light of morning sun

with her hand extended and heart throbbing

but her little hands could catch only the

hands of her younger siblings’broken toy

she is jst visualizing her fate

that her small fingers could catch only

kitchen utensils to feed her family

a few torn sheets of pages of a book and a broken pencil

she could only find hidden under the folds of bed sheet

and by turning them over and over again

she did satisfy her wavering heart ........poonam

all are invited to read and post comments ........regards ......By: Poonam Matia..

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
It's an awesome presentation.


April 21,2011

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