Saturday, October 2, 2010

A homage to Bapu as flashed by me on the f.b. on October 1,2010.

Bishwanath Singh :Mahatma Gandhi ,the father of our Nation whose birth anniversary will be celebrated on the 2nd of October was known for his simplicity, passion & wisdom. Let us have a glimpse of it! Mahatma Gandhi had earnestly believed that a person involved in public service should lead a most austere and simple life. He first displ...ayed this principle when he gave up wearing western-style clothing, which he associated with wealth and success. When he returned to India he renounced the western lifestyle he led in South Africa, where he had enjoyed a successful legal practice. Gandhi dressed to be accepted by the poorest person in India, advocating the use of homespun cloth (khadi). He and his followers adopted the practice of weaving their own clothes from thread they themselves spun on a charkha, and encouraged others to do so. While Indian workers were often idle due to unemployment, they had often bought their clothing from industrial manufacturers owned by British interests. The Swadeshi Movement held that if Indians made their own clothes, it would deal an economic blow to the British establishment in India. Gandhi an simplicity was a sign and expression of swadeshi principles. Consequently, the charkha was later incorporated into the flag of the Indian National Congress. He subsequently wore a dhoti for the rest of his life to express the simplicity of his life. The practice of giving up unnecessary expenditure, embracing a simple lifestyle and washing his own clothes, Gandhi Ji called "reducing himself to zero On one occasion he returned the gifts bestowed to him from the Natals for his diligent service to the community. Gandhi Ji spent one day of each week in silence. He believed that abstaining from speaking brought him inner peace and made him a better listener. This influence was drawn from the Hindu principles of silence( mauna) and peace(shanti) .On such days he communicated with others by writing on paper. For three and a half years, from the age of thirty seven, Gandhi refused to read newspapers, claiming that the tumultuous state of world affairs caused him more confusion than his own inner unrest. After reading John Ruskin's Unto This Last, he had decided to change his lifestyle and create a commune called Phoenix Settle men. He was of the firm view that the God has no religion. i. Gandhi dedicated his life to the wider purpose of discovering truth, or Satya. He tried to achieve this by learning from his own mistakes and conducting experiments on himself. Although Mahatama Gandhi was not the originator of the principle of non-violence ,but he was the first to apply it in the political field on a huge scale and that lead him to be called Mahatma( a great saint).Let us join all to pay our respectable homage to Him! Such person is rarely born on this worldly earth. He was born on the 2nd of October 1869 at Porbandar in the then Bombay Presidency in the then British India and on the 30th January 1948 , Gandhi JI was assassinated when he was shot while walking to a platform from which he was to address a prayer meeting at New Delhi. Let us rejoice celebrating His Birth Anniversary with great festivity and learn lesson from His life to be kind and helpful to others and strive hard to maintain peace all over the globe!

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Bishwanath Singh :Let us pay our humble obeisance's to His lotus feet on the eve of His Birth Anniversary that our grateful nation celebrates on the 2nd of October with great festivity & honor!

 Kay Salady How can I love a man who has gone on before? It is easy. He has set a great example of what life should be, of what honor and freedom mean, of what the simplistic gesture of kindness can do.

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October 1,2010

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