Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A brief on as why Parents being neglected by their children could be seen as flashed on the f.b on Nov.2,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
A pertinent question that always haunts me as when we were young-mere children, how fondly & nicely we were nurtured by our loving Parents taking utmost care of all our needs and comforts without murmuring most of times at the cost of their own comforts. If it is so, why can't we look after them well when they are very old and none is there to look after them?

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Bishwa Nath Singh
Can’t we shower our love and affection on them when they need the most? Certainly, positively yes ought to be our prompt reply! I had personally seen and remember very well when I was a mere child as how people were concerned about old & infirm people looking after their comforts so well and always showering great affection and love on them whether traveling in train ,buses ,market and every where. Now that very tinge of bondage of love towards old people is certainly seen missing and that should be concerned to all of us. One who is young now is bound to be old latter and that old bondage for cause of humanity need to be revived.
November 2,2010.

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