Saturday, November 13, 2010

A glimpse of Bihar in brief as flashed on the f.b. on Nov.12,2010.


Bishwa Nath Singh:

 The state of Bihar is going under Assemby Polls.Let us share something more about Bihar!Bihar has a piquant situation. Large part of North Bihar are suffering with ravages of flood in due to spate of flood water in Kosi,Gandak & other rivulets whereas other parts of the state are suffering badly with draught because... of very scanty rain. The state has naxal problems in most part of it as they find refuge easily in hilly & mountainous regions. The power position are very erratic all over the state as a result ,no new industries have come up in recent past and old industries are either under liquidation or on decaying stage. The per capita income of a man in the state is not unto the national level. The infrastructure of the state are very poor. Though, the state is primarily an agricultural state, but irrigation faculties are very poor and no fertilizer industry is there in the state. The roads are very bad and traffic problems are acute. Unless the State is turned into Agro based Industrial State, chances of rise in per capita income seems to be remote. There are many tourist spots in the state that require proper development to attract tourists at all those sites. We are happy that the State is free from communal tension & rivalries. Nalanda is being glorified to have a central University where large number of foreigners may come to join their courses soon. Casteism is one the greatest menace of the state that should be minimized.


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Bishwa Nath Singh:
 Lord Buddha got his enlighment at Bodh Gaya in Bihar whereas Mabavir Trithankar was born here in Bihar.Let us cherish Bihar ,the land of Mahatma Buddha & Lord Mahavir and request all of you to visit Bihar as it is a place of tourism having very rich in its hertage!

Sadhana Singh:  Bishwanath sir ji, agreed on thinking, but what ever situation is now of the state , it is far better than 5 years before and in the continuation of the development or, the correction. it requires to plan at this stage for the reopening of ...the dead industries or, curing the ill industries with completely new energy. these kind of activities will be helping the state in reduction of the unemployment, brain drain from state and hence increasing of per capita income.Also, some better advice should be given to new government in addition for being frequent habitual for the use of RTI, so that the new govt. may be taking care them self for preventing them from any kind of illegal activities....!!!

Bishwa Nath Singh:
I have conveyed your feelings .The Bihar Govt. is under process to inhance power production and unless we have power in adequate, no industry could come up.Certainly, the new Govt. that will assume the office by close of this month will take note of it and see that how best they could bring overall allround development of the state at all fronts.Thanks for taking keen interest in Bihar.Why don't you persuade NRI's to come up in Bihar & invest?

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