Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rajiv Gandhi was the most likeable person as envisaged 7 flashed by me on the f.b. on Nov.10,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:
" It is hard core fact that unless one is very likeable, he/she can’t be loved & adored by thousands & thousands of People ". 
It was true with Rajiv Gandhi ,the former Prime Minister of India who was a very brilliant statesman with full of passion & wisdom who could be very well said as the worthy son of his worthy Parents.

Photo of Rajiv Gandhi)
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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Rajiv Gandhi was born on the 20th of August 1944 at Bombay and died at the age of forty six years at Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India on the 21st of May 1991,Rajiv Gandhi entered politics only after the death of his brother, Sanjay Gandh...i, in 1980. Rajiv Gandhi had not shown much interest in politics till then. He attended college at Cambridge, England; married an Italian, Sonia Gandhi; and worked as a pilot for the Indian Airlines.Rajiv Gandhi’s mother, Indira Gandhi, was active in India's national politics as she had by then served as the Prime Minister of India. Rajiv Gandhi's brother was an aide to their mother in politics. So when Sanjay Gandhi died, it is said that Indira Gandhi convinced Rajiv Gandhi to enter politics. But Rajiv Gandhi was not new to politics as he was born into a family of politicians. His grandfather, Nehru, was the first Prime Minister of India. His mother, father and brother too were politically very active. Rajiv Gandhi won his first parliamentary elections to the Lok Sabha in 1981. At that time, Indira Gandhi was re-elected as the Prime Minister and Rajiv Gandhi became her unofficial political advisor. But in 1984, Indira Gandhi's bodyguards assassinated her and Rajiv Gandhi took over as the head of the Congress party and was sworn in as the Prime Minister. His government encouraged foreign investment, and industry boomed with the loosening of business controls. He sought to increase Indian investments in modern technology. He removed many restrictions on imports and encouraged foreign investment.. In 1987, he committed the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to Sri Lanka in an endeavor to help the government there eradicate militants agitating for a separate Tamil homeland. In elections in November 1989 Gandhi won his seat, but the Congress Party lost its majority and he resigned as prime minister. Rajiv Gandhi began to campaign again in 1991.He was the seventh Prime Minister of India who remained in the offive from the 31 st of October 1984 to the 2nd of December 1989 It was while he was campaigning in Tamil Nadu in south India that a Tamil suicide bomber took his life. Though his opponents were very critical to him but overall, he had fared very well as the Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi was posthumously awarded the highest National Award of our country Bharat Ratna, joining a list of forty luminaries, including Indira Gandhi. He was also an active amateur radio operator, and used the callsign VU2RG.Let us pay our respectful homage to that great son of our motherland who had ruled over our hearts for many years whom we still hold in great esteem! Such person having towering personality is rarely born may be one or two in hundred years.

Anil Budhiraja :
Rajiv Gandhi was charismatic and a gentleman at heart ....a leader to be proud of...hope other leaders emulate his style of functioning!!!
November 10,2010.

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