Monday, November 8, 2010

A significance of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood: as flashed on the f.b on Nov.8,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
I must make it very clear that 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood"is a social & voluntary movement with no fund and not even the slightest intention to raise any fund The quickest means to reach others will be through net working. I could appeal to all of my net-working friends to accept it as a challenge and ensur...e to reach as many people as possible convincing them to adhere to its theme and lend their support to make it a success.

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Vrunda Sakhi : jai shree krushna......radhe radhe.

Anil Budhiraja :A Good and Noble thought!!

Bishwa Nath Singh :
Is it not need of hours to have love, peace & brotherhood relationship every where when one sees terrorist attacks, loots ,murders ,rapes & war like situation prevailing in most part of the world? It is because of these vices, just to redress them I had launched with kind cooperation of friends/well-wishers like you to propagate & spread message of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" in shape of a movement to reach even to the last family of the world through net-working. I wish your kind cooperation. Firstly (1) To give impetus, you must flash on your flash face book page prominently linking my Profile & events for impressing your friends/well-wishers to actively associate themselves with this Project depending on as how catchy &impressive you can workout & get it flashed (2)Enroll all of your friends/well-wishers as active participants by collecting their full particulars (3) To obtain pledge from them to ensure love & peace at and around where they are living and then to spread message of Universal brotherhood amongst their friends/well-wishers iin the same process(4)The chain has to continue till we bring transformation in all human-beings of the universe as Social reforms.(5) The first one who initiates this Project will be known as coordinator who will remain in touch with me for further course of action. I wish that the chain must be kept rolling and see that it moves on in the right direction. It is completely a Voluntary act need to be accomplished as destined by God by sparing some time & holidays for this noble cause. You will agree with me that no sooner, the work begins, it’s half done an there lies my deep anguish & anxieties. Truly speaking perhaps the God wanted me to initiate this Herculean task and that is why am here grossly embedded with this work. Once, it takes on and leaves ground level, you will see that People will take it as a movement and there won’t be any dearth of cooperation. Hope, it is very clear to you and certainly, it will motivate you to take e up this work very smilingly to accomplish herculean task ahead.

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
The best answer for maintaining most cordial relations with every oe is to strive hard to accomplish herculean task of 'Global Peace & Uniersal Brotherhood" to make it a success.

Vrunda Sakhi : jai shree krushna..TO START WITH WE MUST BE CORDIAL IN OUR FIRST RELATIONS....radhe radhe.

Anil Budhiraja : These r not the times of Gandhigiri...its time we gave it back nice and proper!


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