Thursday, November 11, 2010

A thought of the day along with homage to Mira Bai as flashed on the f.b. on Nov.11,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:
Why one should have sadistic look on his/her life? Those who consider themselves to be failure may have ample opportunities rise to the top of the altar provided he/she strive hard in his/her endeavor. One must have a firm belief that our life is very precious and short. Whatever good deeds one could perform, bette...r it would be for him/her to have godly bliss! One should always face all odds in his/her life smilingly with new vigor, new hope and good achievement.


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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Mira is regarded as an incarnation of Radha. She was born in Samvat 1557 or 1499 A.D. in the village Kurkhi, near Merta, a small state in Marwar, Rajasthan. Mira was the daughter of Ratan Singh Ranthor and the grand-daughter of Dudaji of Me...rta. The Ranthors of Merta were great devotees of Vishnu. Mira Bai was brought up amidst Vaishnava influence, which moulded her life in the path of devotion towards Lord Krishna. She learnt to worship Sri Krishna from her childhood. When she was four years of age, she manifested religious tendencies. Once there was a marriage procession in front of her residence. The bridegroom was nicely dressed. Mira, who was only a child, saw the bridegroom and said to her mother innocently, "Dear mother, who is my bridegroom?". Mira’s mother smiled, and half in jest and half in earnest, pointed towards the image of Sri Krishna and said, "My dear Mira, Lord Krishna—this beautiful image—is your bridegroom". She was born about 1500 and was married at the age of thirteen. From an early age she showed more interest in religious devotions than to her worldly responsibilities. It is said that she neglected her marital responsibilities. When queried about it, she said that it was impossible for her to be married to the king when she was already married to Krishna.A major change in her life occurred at the time of the death of her husband. It was customary in those days for a wife to commit satti. Satti is the self immolation upon the husband's funeral pyre. She refused to comply, whereupon her in-laws began harassing her. She then left the palace and began wandering throughout Rajasthan, preaching and gaining followers .Mira is known for the many bhajans that she left behind. These bhajans are in praise of lord Krishna and held in great esteem for their high literary value.She is believed to have died around 1550.Let us join to pay our most respectful homage to her and obeisance's to her lotus feet and seek her bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!


Nov. 11,2010.

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