Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two random thoughts of mine that were flashed on the f.b .on November 10,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh :
The teachings of Satya Sri Sai Baba will always remain as our eye-opener and will hold good for ever. He was a true saint and an incarnation of God. His life was very simple but his thoughts and actions remained very close to our heart. Let us pay our humble obeisance to His lotus feet and seek His bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!

(Photo of SAtya Shri Sai Baba)
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Gsv Krishna Jai Sai Ram.. :) Om Sai Ram.. :) Om sai namonamaha.. :) BABA.. bleSS aLL.. :)

Sadhana Singh :om sai ram

Bishwa Nath Singh :
The future is only rearrangement of your past unless you change inside of you that which causes your outside ! Trying to fix or manipulate the outside is as futile as applying your make-up on the reflection in the mirror, and wondering why it hasn’t stayed on when you reach the party!
 (Photo of Osho)

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Anil Budhiraja:
Osho was well ahead of his time..he taught and preached something unique and which appealed to certain masses...yet he remains a model for some...!

Shanker Adawal : PROFOUND

November 10,2010.

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