Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Air raids in Libya as flashed on the f.b. on March 24,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh

As per press media reports, it is understood that fresh wave of air raids by Western forces backed by a naval arms embargo has, so far, failed to shift the battle lines between lightly armed opposition forces and heavily armed troops loyal to Libyan strongman Muammar Quaddafi

(Photo of scene of damage in Libya)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Over the last twenty four hours, neither side has made tangible military gains across Libya. In besieged Misurata, Libya's third largest city two hundred kms east of capital Tripoli, two air strikes were launched on Wednesday, the 23rd of M...arch2011 to weaken the grip of pro-Qadhafi forces. For nine days, Misurata has been denied water and electricity, residents say. Telecommunication links were snapped by the pro-Quaddafi forces nearly three weeks ago. A doctor at the central Misurata hospital said thirteen residents had died on Tuesday, scaling up the total casualty toll to ninety. The air strikes have also It is contrary to the statements of impending de-escalation, western air strikes in Libyan skies had spiraled on the 22nd March 2011. According to figures released by the Pentagon, western forces carried out fifty seven strikes, the maximum since Saturday the 19th of March 2011 when the air assaults began. The United States also had announced it was focusing on widening the no-fly zone area t have passed area to cover entire Libya — a move that pointed to the expansion of air operations. Almost five days after their attacks, Western forces have also reinforced the naval dimension of their operations. The NATO spokesman said warships of the alliance would now patrol off the Libyan coast to deny weapons to the Quaddafi regime. Initially, NATO would deploy two naval flotillas, each consisting of two frigates, six minesweepers and a supply ship. It is reported that remaining away from the battlefield, and inclined to play mind-games, Quaddafi had appeared on state television in the night of March 22,2011 to counteract possible rumors of being unwell after March 20,2011 air strikes on his residential compound. Let us hope and pray that good sense will prevail on both the sides to reach to an amicable settlement to bring normalcy in Libya so that Libyans can lead a very happy and peaceful life!


March 24,2011

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