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The first formal meeting of Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan on March 28,2011 in two years after 2008 held in a very cool atmoshphere as flashed on the f.b. on March 28,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

The first formal talks between the Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan in two years after 2008 on Monday the 28th of March 2011 went beyond the 26/11/2008 Mumbai terror attacks as the defining moment in relations between the security establishments of the two countries.


(Photo of  the meeting that was held at New Delhi on 28.3.2011 in between two Home Secretaries of India & Pak.)

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Bishwa Nath Singh In this Picture, Our Union Home secretary G K Pillai is seen while shaking hands with Pakistani interior secretary Qamar uz Zaman during their summit on March 28,2011 in Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi.The opening day of the two-day discussio...ns - ahead of the meeting between Prime Minister Dr.Man Mohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Yousaf Raza Gilani in Mohali on Wednesday the 30th of March 2011- focused on the meeting grounds for security agencies and deepened people-to-people contacts. Home secretary GK Pillai and his Pakistani counterpart Chaudhary Qamar Zaman spoke separately to media persons, but in one voice, about the forward movement they had made.” The talks are extremely positive. Progress has been made in a certain direction, in the right direction," Pillai told reporters as he wound up the first round of talks at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi held on March 28,2011. Chaudhary Qamar Zaman, who spoke later, also described the talks as "very positive". Besides some concessions to emphasize on the progress in the Mumbai attacks case, official sources told press media that a joint statement to be issued on Tuesday was expected to push for a new liberalized visa agreement. The joint statement would also talk about drawing up a formal mechanism for counter-terrorism cooperation, including information sharing, enhancing anti-narcotics cooperation and early meetings between federal investigation agencies of both countries. During the meeting, G.K. Pillai flagged Indian concerns at the pace of investigations into the Mumbai terror attack as well but officials insisted it was only one of the important points discussed.The 26/11/2008 Mumbai attacks, which took place hours after the home secretary-level talks ended in Islamabad in 2008, had halted the composite dialogue between the two countries. This meeting was the first step to resume the process, and would be followed by a similar meeting of commerce secretaries and water resources secretaries. "The idea was to work on the deliverables and create a safe pitch for the Mohali match," said an official. Singh and Gilani will discuss peace initiatives at Mohali before they together witness the World Cup semi-final between the two rival teams, as part of New Delhi's cricket diplomacy.Let us hope that the summit is going to be milestone in establishing good relationship between India and Pakistan and also as an eye-opener for all boardering countries as how best they could maintain good relationship with India who has been always friendly with them!


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Ashu Saxena बड़ी दूर चले जाना है ...?

Bishwa Nath Singh ‎@AShu Ji! Have a sportsman spirit in you that are my sincere advice to all. Why there should be commotion at all? Unless one develops sportsman spirit in him /her, he/she can’t be a sports true lover and sports person.
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