Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have a sportsman spirit as advised to all as flashed on the f.b. on March 29,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Have a sportsman spirit in you that are my sincere advice to all. Why there should be commotion at all? Unless one develops sportsman spirit in him /her, he/she can’t be a sports true lover and sports person.


(Picture of Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir )

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
In this Picture,Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir were involved in a solid 134 runs stand against England that set the foundation for the huge total at Bangalore few days ago.Let us hope and pray for the best! Certainly ,the best team is one who had practiced truthfully that is bound to win the game!

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.Drkumud Tiwary:
I pray with u sir. Best should win. And all should welcome it with sportsman spirit. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):)

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Drkumud Tiwary Thanx sir.

Anil Kumar :
March 29,2011.

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