Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love is eternal ,godly and spontaneous as flashed on the f.b .on April 5,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

Can love be measured is a very pertinent question that is often being asked? The reply to the question is also very ticklish.

(Photo of Prince William of Britain and Kate Middleton  hoding each other in arms going to get wedded shortly)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

Certainly, the fondest love what mother has for her son/daughter can’t be measured similarly what Guru has for his /her devotee can’t be equated with any measurement are very simple answer. But at times, there can’t be denial of it also as can in be measured, not in terms of any specific measurement. The measurement of love is not a science but an art. Can one deny that he/she is unaware in his/her heart when he/she is truly loved and when he/she loves someone else. The measurement of love could be very well seen in hug, look, kiss and feelings. Can’t we feel that we love our elders when we cook good food for them? Certainly, yes! It’s because that we had poured our love in preparing food for our loved ones. The love could be felt in the gentle stirring, mixing, decent behavior and cooking of the food for the other's pleasure. At times, we feel that we have immeasurable acts of love such as donating blood to save life of others who are badly injured in road accidents without knowing their credentials just on humanitarians ground to save his/her life and we derive pleasure of it. There are many different types of love-the love between parents and their children, friends and family, the love between lovers, the love for teachers and work itself and the love that people possess for their cows and other pets’ .The love is certainly very intangible. The beauty of love is that even though we can’t measure but can feel impulse when we are loved by others which are apparent from their action. It’s true that when we love someone, we certainly feel like treating them with respect and kindness. We truly keen to ensure best for them. We often try to help and encourage them in their high hopes and accomplish their long cherished dreams. We always feel like sharing our joy and happiness with them in true sense. We lend our advice to one whom we love and solicit their advice in return that is a common phenomena of this universe.. All of these acts of kindness can be very well termed as the measurements of love. Though, love is intangible, as we cannot see by our naked eyes or by giving simple touch but we can feel love. Can’t we notice mother’s love that she possesses in her eyes for her children when she looks into her child's face? Love can be felt in a hug or a tender kiss. The world is full of love and miseries. It’s unto us as how best we could derive nectar of love out of them as our Gods had enjoyed after stirring of sea in olden eras. The fortunate is one who succeeds iin accomplishing their love as true lover the glaring example we can see in the case of Prince William of Britain and Kate Middleton who are going to be wedded soon after having been engaged .


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.Poetry N Art :
Love is not to be measured... its a feeling of eternity..

.Bishwa Nath Singh ‎@ Poetry N Art! May I request you to k indly go through my write-up cooly again and then let me have your valuable comment on this post.

Kiran Deep:
Its either you love someone or you don't...............i don't think the feeling of love can be measured on any scale..........but i still i don't understand...............why we ask how much you love me?

Manjula Rishi :
Love is pure -love is kind-love is blind and deaf- Love is many a splendered thing.....but Mother's love for her child young
April 5,2011

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