Sunday, November 14, 2010

My comment on why do you hide your love?by Kamalesh Bahukhandi as flashed on the f.b on Nov.14,2010.

why do you hide your love?by Kamalesh Bahukhandi on Sunday, November 14, 2010

Occasionally I am up occasionally I am down,

Sometimes I am falling' on the ground of thinking,

How do you hide and why do you hide your love?

I have been a fool that you are mine,

My heart is not ready to believe yet, That you made big fool of mine.

My eyes are indistinct tears are ready to flow

Why you made an emotional fool of me,

I wanna cry ,

Let me tell you for me love is worship, not a play,

Oh' Lord, why she chooses me to slay?

What sin I did to her?

Why she chooses me to depart this life?

Now look here, baby, it’s very cheap.

Your this behavior hurt me deep .

I still wonder, why do you hide your love for me ?

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Surendra Kumar Jain : hmmmm.....

Surekha : Ja Kamlesh..too deep emotions/feelings expressed in this poem.

Every1 tend to hide Love at least in our kind of culture...

but its too difficult to express also...:

Dushyant Chopra :very imotional and touchy note... Kamlesh Ji.....

Oh.... why does she hide her love from you..... ??????

.Anupama Pathak: love will find its way and true love is expressed sooner or later in subtle ways!

may the question put up in the verse get answered!!! nice poem!!!

Bishwa Nath Singh : A very well composed.


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