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Story related to Lord Krisna's birth as flashed on the f.b. on April 2,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

The story related with the birth of Lord Krishna is very thrilling as He was born to win goodness over evils.


( Photo of Vasudev Ji carrying infant child  Krishna in a basket on his head across Yamuna river from Mathura to Gokul)

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Bishwa Nath Singh As per mythological belief. Rohini Nakshatra has been predominantly playing excellent role in our life as it is considered to be quite auspicious. This is so because it is under the supervision of Brahma, the creator of Universe. Sri Krishna was born in the month Of Sravana more than five thousand years years ago.According to some eminent scholars, Krishna was born on Wednesday,the eighth day of second fortnight in Shravana month in the year of Visvavasu around 3227 BC, also popularly called as Dwapur Yug. July 19th 3228 BC to be more accurate. He lived for one hundred twenty five years and disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC on the new moon night of Phalguna. His death is connected with the commencement of the Kaliyug.,the current one. From the time, Devki conceived Sri Krishna, she began to glow and exude divine light. The prison walls glowed with the aura of the new born infant. Atmosphere of peace and happiness prevailed all over, Forests were all green and full of trees with all kinds of beautiful flowers, rivers were all swollen due to joy, peacocks began to dance in sheer joy, people in all villages started being happy.The main objective of Lord Krishna's birth was to free Mother Earth from the wickedness of demons. Playing an important part in Mahabharata - thelegendary battle in Kurukshetra and propagating the theory of devotion and good acts were other important objectives.The people of Mathura were extremely unhappy with the wicked king Kansa who put his father, king Ugrasen in prison and declared himself the king of Mathura. It was to put an end to his evil ways and other demons that Lord Vishnu decided to take birth on Earth in human form. According to Akashvani (heavenly voice) at the wedding of his beloved sister Devki, Kansa got to know that the eighth child of his sister will take birth to kill him. So, in turn he rushed to kill his sister. Kansa gave up the idea of killing after being assured by Vasudev that he will handover all his children to him. He put them in Prison. Kansa killed all the six infants as soon as they were born. After Kansa had killed the six sons of Devaki spouse of Basudev, Ananta-Shesa entered Devaki’s womb in Mathura and was transferred to the womb of Rohini at Gokul by the manipulation of Yoga-maya. Thus ,seventh child (Balram) was saved due to divine intervention, when he was transferred from Devki's womb to that of Rohini's other wife of VasudevThe Lord Vishnu who was soon to appear as the eighth son of Devaki, ordered Yogamaya to take birth from the womb of Yashoda devi. Because Krishna and His potency, Yogamaya, appeared simultaneously as brother and sister, the world is full of Vaishnavas and shaktas, and there is certainly some rivalry between them. Vaishnavas worship the Supreme Lord, whereas shaktas, according to their desires, worship Yogamaya in forms of Durga, Bhadrakali and Chandi.After the transfer of Anantadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared within the heart of Vasudeva and transferred Himself into the heart of Devaki. Because the Lord was present in her heart, Devaki, as her pregnancy grew,Kansa was full of anxiety, but he could not harm Devaki because of their family relationship and commitment to kill Her newly born children without harming pregnancy of Devaki. Thus he began indirectly thinking of Krishna and became fully Krishna conscious. Later on, Kansa got his punishment of his evil deeds and was killed by Lord Krishna. Events During the Birth of Lord KrishnaLord Krishna was born in a prison cell in the captivity of King Kansa. He took birth in divine form with lotus like eyes,his palms bearing the signs of a lotus and discus. He had a swastika sign on his sole. Wearing a yellow colored silk cloth, adorned with precious diamond earrings and a crown made of emeralds. Soon after the birth, a chain of events astonished Vasudev,when he saw the gates of the cell flow open and all the guards fast asleep. He immediately thought of Nand ,his close friend in Gokul and decided to handover his child to him in order to save him from the clutch of Kansa.Let us join to pay our humble obeisance to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna at a time when the nation is celebrating victory of being honored with ICC World cup last night on the 2nd of April 2011!

April 3,2011

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