Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bishwa Nath Singh

We often come across the news at large about breakage of relationship in due course of time. So, it is important to know as how best one can make relationships work. Here are ten points, if one carries truthfully, relationship will never break down rather grow from strength to strength.


(Photo of a celebrity who had very strain relations at times in the past are very happily living together now)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

One can see as how the breakage in relationship was saved in the case of the above celebrity couple whose Photo is flashed above many years ago and how happily they are carrying out their married life. It is true that breakage in relationsh...ip is just like the wings being cut of those flying birds. If one follows truthfully these ten advice, it will never rock rather grow from their marital relationship from strength to strength:(1) One should not try too hard to convince the other person of your love. Love and trust yourself more. This will relax your love defenses and enable you to give yourself totally to relationship.(2)One should not question the other person’s love all the time.(3)One must feel the oneness of the universe. Step beyond the `me first` conflicts that mar relationships. This would help you be complete within yourself. One must rise above self. (4)One should not use his/her relationships to fulfill his/her expectations. (5)One must Know self and analyze properly the cause of his/her reactions.(6) One must acknowledge the other person as an individual. He/she should grow well and let others grow well too..(7) In a conflicting relationship, one must fully as where he/she went wrong rather than where the other person failed. (8)One must listen to each other properly. One should be fully aware that the communication strengthens the foundation of a relationship.(9) One must take the first step in working out a relationship without worrying about who is right or wrong and (10) one must not depend on any person and should not let the other person depend on you.

April 3,2011

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