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Joint statement issued after two days meeting of Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan at the end of their meeting as flashed on the f.b. on March 30,2011

Bishwa Nath Singh

The joint statement issued after two days meeting of Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan held at Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi from Mach 28,2011 to March 29,2011 could be well said as comety and reciprocity”.It was reflected in the way Islamabad on March 29,2011 had agreed to an Indian commission visiting Pakistan in connection with the 26/11/2008 probe, as the two countries’ home secretaries set a positive backdrop to tomorrow’s meeting between their Prime Ministers.” Pakistan conveyed its readiness, in principle, based upon the principle of comity and reciprocity, to entertain a commission from India with respect to Mumbai terror attack investigations without making any mention of Kashmir.

(Photo of  the both Home Seccretaries of India & Pak.shaking hands together after end of their meeting in Delhi)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
The above Photo is that of Home Secretaries of India & Pakistan shaking hands together at the end of their two day summit on March 29,2011.The oficials had revealed that the positive vibes were a precursor to a likely big-ticket announcem...ent after the talks between two Prime Minister of India and Pakistan Dr. Man Mohan Singh and Yousaf Raza Gilani respectively in Mohali today the 3oth of March 2011. ,A senior official had jokingly said that verything depends on today’s match. If India wins, we will give the confidence-building measures if Pakistan wins, they will meet the officials who interrogated 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab. Islamabad has also conveyed that it has approached a higher court after the trial court refused to allow the voice samples of the suspected 26/11 handlers and plotters to be given to New Del If Pakistan shed its taut attitude about 26/11/2008 India too gave Islamabad the “basic facts” about the Samjhauta Express blast in which 48 Pakistani citizens were killed. India apparently conceded that the bombing seemed to be the handiwork of Hindu extremists but said the details would be provided only after a chargesheet was filed Both sides reiterated their commitment to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and reaffirmed the need to bring those responsible for such crimes to justice, the joint statement said. The seventeen point statement mentioned some fresh initiatives. A hotline is to be set up soon between India’s Home Secretary and Pakistan’s Interior Secretary to facilitate the sharing of information on terror threats.This comes in lieu of the failed Joint Anti-Terror Mechanism that lasted from September 2006 till the day of the Mumbai attack: November 26, 2008.It is a forward movement. The trust deficit is significantly reduced,” Union Home secretary G.K. Pillai said after his talks with Pakistan’s interior secretary Qamar Zaman Chaudhary. Neither Pillai nor Chaudhary will be at Mohali to watch the game to be played on March 30,2011..Among the other agreed steps is one to set up a joint working group to finalise visa relaxation in both countries. India wants those older than sixty five to be granted multiple-entry visas, and journalists not to be restricted to city-specific visas. India will grant visas liberally to Pakistanis visiting for medical treatment.Both sides agreed that prisoners in each other’s jails who have completed their sentence should be released before April 15.2011. Sources said about twenty nine Pakistani prisoners from Indian jails might be released as early as today through the Wagah border.“Both sides agreed to exchange the complete list of prisoners. We had decided that even if they do not provide a complete list, we will start the reduction of trust deficit from our side,” Union Home Ministry official said.Trust is to be combined with patience. Indian sources conceded that it was too early to expect Islamabad to sign a mutual legal assistance treaty that will allow easier conviction of criminals and terrorists in both countries. “Let the little things start first,” an official said.The chief of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, Waseem Ahmed, met CBI director Amar Pratap Singh today and discussed red-corner notices, cyber criminals, and the smuggling of fake Indian currency.Let us hope that the ensuing visit of Pak. Prime Minister at Mohali to witness the World Cup Semi-final mach to be played by India and Pak. will lead to great understanding between those two countries who will resolve to be very friendly with each other and strive hard to bring peace and prosperity amongst people of their countries!



March 30,2011.

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