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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accepts resignation of his Govt. as flashed on the f.b. on March 30,2011.

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The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad accepted his Government’s resignation on March 29,2011 after nearly two weeks of pro-democracy unrest that has posed the gravest challenge to his eleven year rule.


(Photo of Bashar al-Assad ,Presdent of Syria)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
Here is the Picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The move was unlikely to satisfy protester demands since the cabinet has little authority in Syria, where power is concentrated in the hands of Assad, his family and the security ap...paratus.Tens of thousands of Syrians held pro-government rallies today, awaiting a speech in which President Assad was expected to announce a decision on lifting emergency laws that have served to crush dissent for almost fifty years.That is a key demand of anti-government demonstrations in which nearly hundred people have been killed.Syrian President Assad accepts the Government’s resignation,” the state news agency Sana said, adding that Naji al-Otari, the Prime Minister since 2003, would remain caretaker until a new Government was formed.Protesters at first had limited their demands to greater freedoms. But, increasingly incensed by a security crackdown on them, especially in the southern city of Deraa where protests first erupted, they now call for the“downfall of the regime”. The calls echo those sounded during the uprisings buffeting the Arab world that, since January 2011, have toppled veteran autocratic Presidents in Tunisia and Egypt and also motivate rebels fighting Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi.Syrian state television showed people in the Syrian capital Damascus and in Aleppo, Hama and Hasaka waving the national flag, pictures of Assad and chanting: “God, Syria, Bashar”.It has ben reported that : the conspiracy has failed!” declared one banner, echoing government accusations that foreign elements and armed gangs are behind the unrest. “With our blood and our souls we protect our national unity,” another said.The employees and members of unions controlled by Assad’s Baath Party, which has been in power since a 1963 coup, said they had been ordered to attend the rallies, where there was a heavy presence of security police.All gatherings and demonstrations not sponsored by the state are banned in Syria, a country of twenty two million at the sensitive heart of generations of West Asia conflict. As reported the media organizations operate in Syria under restrictions. The Government has expelled three Reuters journalists in recent days — its senior foreign correspondent in Damascus and then a two-man television crew who were detained for two days before being deported back to their home base in Lebanon. More than two hundred protesters gathered in Deraa chanting “God, Syria, and Freedom” and “ Hauran rise up in revolt”, a reference to the plateau where Deraa is located. Deraa is a centre of tribes belonging to Syria’s Sunni majority, many of whom resent the power and wealth amassed by the elite of the Alawite minority to which Assad belongs. Latakia, a religiously mixed port city, has also seen clashes, raising fears the unrest could take on sectarian tones.The Government has said Syria is the target of a project to sow sectarian strife. Let us wish and pray that the crisis that Syria is facing today will calm down soon and the country will keep on moving for peace and progress of the country as whole!

Drkumud Tiwary :
Yes sir we all pray for peace and progres :-). Thanx for share sir.


March 30,2011.

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