Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My another thought for the day as envisaged & flashed by me on the f.b. of April 3 ,2011.

Bishwa Nath Singh

One must learn to have devotion in him/her to accomplish great things in his/her life.

(Photo of Devi)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :

Devotion to the essence or spirit in everything is a marvelous way of life. Naturally, this practice is mainly directed toward appreciating the consciousness within people. The first component of devotion is love. Love is primarily — giving oneself to his/her beloved through feelings, thoughts, and deeds. So, devotion involves giving of your loyalty with deep affection. The second principal component of devotion is humility — humbling oneself before his/her beloved. Devotion is the sense of special technique which is to love and consciously humble oneself before his/her beloved spirit. In using this practice of devotion we can, if we put away our arrogance, learn something from the consciousness, or spirit, dwelling within everyone. We can also, in an attitude of devotion, learn from the events of our lives. We can know our world more deeply, too. We can gaze more clearly into the heavens; we can see more wisely into the atom. There is much a humble person can learn looking out in any direction. If one looks back to the history, he /she will find that Copernicus and Galileo looked at the heavens with fascination — and without bias; they saw what the sun and earth were actually doing to one another. The sun wasn’t going around the earth; the earth and other planets were, in fact, going around the sun — and Mars wasn’t really going backwards at times. Hence, it is essential that one must learn to have devotion in him/her to accomplish great things in his/her life and have full faith in him/her wisdom.


Anil Kumar :
chaitra shukla pratipada tithi ko Maa ka Naman aur mangal kamna.

Amar Singh Rana :
We like it...

Anirudha Mohanta :
devotion will not come unless one has love for it

Radha Singh :
Thank you Bishwaji/I created a new melody for this is a favorite of mine.I love the way the swats lead in to the binja mmmm.All about harmonics.Ancient genius?or or simply Tathastu.

Amar Singh Rana :


April 3,2011

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