Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Divine Message by Vijay Anant as flashed along with my comment on the f.b. on Dec.21,2010

  Divine Meassage by Vijay Anant on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 .

Wherever we go we shall establish temples of God – not edifices of stone, but living temples of realization in the souls of men. (Sri Paramahansa Yogananda) जहां भी हम जाएँ, हमें ईश्वर के मंदिर स्थापित करने चाहिए - मनुष्य के आत्म साक्षात्कार का सजीव मंदिर होना चाहिए न कि पत्थर का भवन
###Serve all creatures of God. The service of servants of God is His real worship. If you can not speak well of someone rather do not say anything

Bishwa Nath Singh :
Thanks for sharing with such a meaningful quote that is worth emulating in one's life.


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