Thursday, December 23, 2010

My comment on an article :Great people,. big works-By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi as flashed on the f.b.on Dec.23,2010.

Great people,. big works-By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi on Thursday, December 23, 2010

It is natural instinct of human being to form an opinion about anything and every thing. .I am not exception to it. Only thing is that I am not able to tell him or her on face. So I share with my friends. Recently I had a couple of ‘rich’ experiences on the same day. It was too much to digest. In the first case, a posh vehicle was in front of me for a few miles. I kept on weaving a story about her. I was telling myself that she must be millionaire to have such a vehicle .She could be an Industrialist or a politician or some one from glamour world. She must be feeling like a queen when people look back at her vehicle. Of course, I could not see her because of tinted glass. I spent some time thinking good things about her .I was even thinking that God is showering people with lots of materialistic properties which they enjoy with their families.
Just at that time, we (me and the posh vehicle) had to stop at a traffic signal a good 105 seconds .What do I see, the door opens ,I could only see the hand and all the fingers studded with diamond rings and she bends down to empty her mouth. Believe me, pachaak came the sound and she poured out red saliva of the paan to make substantially big map on the road. She managed to do it again with the same speed for the second time at a different place. Like me, onlookers were also shocked .After finishing the job; the door was slammed to tell us that it was her birth right to do so. Green lights let us go and I was totally disturbed. .I scolded myself for wasting time in weaving a positive story about her. I kept on thinking that she should have respected her status and have waited for a suitable place to do that mouth-clearing business. It was lingering in my mind till I saw another scene..Yet another posh vehicle owner,(who was in front of me) naturally from a well to do family ,indicated to park the car on a busy road. He seemed to be in hurry .It appeared as though he had forgotten to water the mother earth and he was in hurry to give his share from his own system!!That too on a hard pavement! Oh God!!! Are you seeing all these things, I asked him. Can’t You dictate something to these guys? Last incident for the day left my head spinning .Again it was the same category the neo-rich class (clothes said so).Venue was a shopping mall. I guess he had come with his girl friend and they were on a shopping spree .Sales girls as usual were extra sweet to them. Suddenly we heard some one screaming and throwing the things around .It was this man in action giving full justice to his vocabulary and threatening to suspend the girls. Can you guess what the reason was? His girl friend wanted to. use trial room and at that time all the rooms were occupied .He did not want any explanation from the manager. Best part was his girl friend was supporting him .People like us stood speechless at this disgusting behavior. Most of us did not even know who he was. .He must have been a very influential man and wanted to grab attention, wherever he went.These incidents pose a question in my mind. Is richness of today laced with arrogance, ego or extra freedom. Share with me if you find an answer.



Bishwa Nath Singh Thanks for sharing with such a lovely note on indecent behavior exhibited at times by some of affluent rich people who take it as granted as to enjoy full liberty to do any public nuisance that they can at their sweet will at Public places in spite of very stringent law. They feel that it is their birth right to do any thing that they wish to do so least caring for cleanliness and comfort of other people least showing respect of our laws.. It is expected that law of land should take its own recourse to handle such arrogant people



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