Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My comment on maintaining cordial relation with all neighbouring countries as flashed on the fb. on Dec.22,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh  >Azad Hind Desh (PK+IN+BD)

It is high time that the people of India,Pakistan & Banladesh should rise and shun their differences and work unitedly to march ahead on the path of peace, progress and over all development of their motherland instead of fighting and accusing each other.Let them be beware of those forces who are out & out to weaken their aged old bo...ndage of relationship to weaken them instead of getting them strong day by day!It could be only possible when we force through our ballot to choose a Govt. that is congenial to secularism based on Gandhian Philosophy of truth & non-violence.Let us rise to strive for it and strngthen my hand to accomplish herculean task of the social & voluntary ongoing movement of 'Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood" with all sincerity at our command with malice to none!

Azad Hind Desh (PK+IN+BD)

( Photo of a bunch of flowers)



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